Why Golf is the Best Sport

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Sportsmen and women have gone into a verbal brawl at some point about which sport is the best. This obviously comes down to a matter of opinion, but we are feeling a bit biased. Here are more than a few reasons why golf is the best sport in the world- no arguing.

Golf: The Best Sport In The World, Here’s Why

Age Restrictions Do Not Apply

Did you know that well known golf pro Tiger Woods was fresh out of diapers when he started playing golf? That’s right, one of the world’s most famous golfers was only two years old when he started playing. On the flipside. The oldest golfer who has made a hole in one was Elsie McLean. At age 102, she holed out with a driver on the 100-yard fourth hole on the course. 

Elsie was unable to see the ball drop because of the slope of the green. She was only able to celebrate her accomplishment, when her playing buddies found the ball in the cup.

Our point is that golf is loved by people of all ages, races and gender. Something we don’t see much of in other sports. 

Not One Game Is the Same 

There seems to be this misapprehension that golf is somewhat routine. Have you ever been asked “don’t you get tired of playing the same course again and again and again?”. This silly question is mostly uttered by someone or a group of people who have not played golf.

The answer to this question is always a big resounding “No”. Think about it for a while: the playing conditions are never the same as the previous time you played, you are likely to meet new people, and we guarantee that your golf game is without a doubt identical to the last. 

Each and every single round of golf is subject to change and that’s why we are passionate about it and keep coming back.

Exercise for The Body

Okay, so we know that golf is not the most physically challenging sport you can play. On the other hand, many tend to overlook the fact that golfers walk more than five miles on an average 18-hole round- burning as much as 2000 calories. Think about the different paces they have to walk at. They move uphill, downhill, drudge on sand, in thick grass and over all kinds of terrains.  If you’re looking for an activity that keeps you physically fit without having to lift a bunch of heavy weights, then you should definitely take up golf.

Better Health

Apart from the physical exercise, playing golf comes jam-packed with a bunch of other benefits that will help you live healthier. 

Yes, while the exercise you get and the time outdoors are both big parts of it, the potential for positive social interactions and improved health is a massive benefit. 

An exact way golf progresses your health is by letting you to get as much sunlight that you need for much needed vitamin D. 

Even though this important vitamin is naturally produced in your body, it can also be triggered through sunlight on your skin. 

Some of the biggest benefits of vitamin D include:

  • Lowering the risk of getting cancer
  • Supercharging the immune system
  • Gives your body that extra boost so that it can take in enough calcium and avoid bone loss.

Spending only as little as 15 minutes in the sun will help you get all of these benefits. It stands to reason that a few rounds of golf will give you quite a lot of vitamin D.

Eating and Drinking is Possible and Allowed

You can’t exactly have a quick meal while running on the football feel can you? No sir!

If you feel a bit ravenous, you can stroll around the fairway eating anything from an orange, breakfast burrito or night’s dinner out of a plastic container. Gibe us one other sport you can do this in? we’ll wait. Oh and the same applies with drinks, but we wouldn’t recommend alcohol of course.  

Feel like having a nice hot cup of coffee, or a cold glass of lemonade? That’s totally acceptable, you can even bring along your own flagon and enjoy yourself with a cold one. Drink responsibly though, the golf club should be swinging around- not you.

The Best Sport

Making Friends

Of course, you can go out and play a few rounds with your best pal. On the other hand, you can also make a few new friends. Try it.

Head out to the golf course on your own, and tell the clubhouse that you are keen to rub shoulders with other players. Before you know it, you could be going for a special drink with a new buddy.

And what better way to enjoy golf with friends is to play scramble golf format with your buds.

You VS You

In golf, your biggest opponent is you. Unlike other team sports, golf is focused on the individual player. More often than not, you will be playing against yourself in an attempt to break your very own personal records. 

This is a fun way to encourage you to work hard and try to improve your skills with every round. Luckily, there are a lot of ways you can progress your playing abilities, just keep learning as you go. 

In golf, you can give yourself new goals as you keep knocking more and more strokes off of your tally.

Good for the Brain

Golf is a sport that lets us focus on precision and concentration. This sport inspires originality and inventive thoughtfulness. How often do you find yourself visualising where and how far you should or will hit the ball? 

Fine motor skills are as critical in golf as knowing where the ball landed. The golf course can be a tranquil environment to practice these skills. There won’t be much cheering or distraction here. 

Golfing is an objectively active pastime. With this sport you will be able to get your blood circulating in other words, more blood is pumping to your brain. 

Repetitive swinging will also boost your muscle memory, and walking around the golf course will equip you with a greater sense of distance and depth.

Build Character

Golf can be an infuriating or annoying sport sometimes, but that is part of the challenge. See this as a chance to build some character for yourself. So it might happen that you would swing and miss- it happens. The decision here is how you react. 

You could kick and scream or even swing your golf club around, or you can simply take a deep breath and try again. This is where golf can teach you the broader spectrum in life. You might have personal problems at home or work. 

This sport has a tendency of teaching us that we don’t get to choose what happens to us in life, but we do get to choose how to respond.


With the reasons given, we can’t think of a single reason why you should not be heading up the fairway right now. A sport where you can eat as you play, socialize and make new friends while also pushing your mental limits. 

What more can you ask for? Don’t forget about the health benefits that come along here. With that being said, it’s time to gear up and head out for a few rounds.

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