Dry Up a Messy Golf Swing using the Towel Drill

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If you feel that may be something wrong with your game, you are most probably right. With all the fancy drills on just about every golfing magazine and website, there is one drill that is undeniably effective.  Enter the towel drill, one of the most well thought after methods you can use to improve on a terrible swing.  

Here we will discuss what it is, what it does, and how you can put it to use.

Dry Up A Messy Golf Swing Using The Towel Drill

Building a Puzzle for Connection

At its core, the main purpose of this drill is about remaining connected to your golf swing. For this very reason, before we have an in depth discussion about the golf towel drill and how you can use it for your benefit, it is important that we talk about staying connected as well as why this really matters. You see, just like a jigsaw puzzle, connection in the golf swing means all of the many “pieces” of your swing working together as it should be. 

Physical components like your arms, upper, and lower body have to be accustomed to be “in the swing of things”. 

This is important if you want to ever achieve steady ball striking successes. Unfortunately, this can be quite tough and complicated, otherwise golfers would not be using drills like this in order to improve their game

As soon as you are able to stay connected, the whole thing moves through the ball at the right time. By keeping this in mind you’ll find it astonishingly easy to hit your targets. 

On the other hand, the minute that connection gets away from you, the ball is able to go anywhere, leaving you struggling to keep it on the grass.

How The Golf Towel Drill Works 

It would appear that the biggest drawcard that makes this drill so popular, is how simple it is to do. You can learn how to use this drill in a mere matter of seconds. 

Oh! also you don’t need any fancy gadgets or expert tools to use it. All you really need is your golf towel and a club. 

This drill can also be practiced from anywhere by yourself. Yep, even at home so you don’t even need to be at the practice range – but we won’t stop you from using it there of course.  Let’s explain how it works

Choose a club to use for the drill

You can use just about any club in your bag- except the putter. Many pros who have started using this drill have suggested doing so with a middle iron. Obviously you will also need a golf towel.

The only main point here is to find one that is the right size. Make sure that the towel is not too small as it won’t stretch from arm to arm. On the flip side, if the towel is too big it could interfere with your swing. You will have to test a few of your towels before you find one thatwill work best for you. 

Place the towel under your arms

In order to get ready for this drill, get in your usual stance and steel yourself to make a practice swing. Hang on! Before you start swinging, take the towel and put it across your chest and beneath both armpits.

Secure the towel under your armpits, but have it suspended without the need to hold it up with any of your hand. When the towel is in place and you are in a relaxed stance, you should be ready to take a swing. (1)

Start swinging

The main aim of this drill is to make a bursting practice swing without letting the towel fall on the ground.

  •  You need to keep your arms down and fixed to your torso from beginning to end. 
  • Letting your arms move up and away from your body at the top of the swing will result in the towel falling away. 

Because of this somewhat instant response the towel drill has become quite popular.

The towel will be an indicator of your performance, so you get instant feedback on your performance, making it a convenient drill to fit in to your practice session. 

You can use it as a warmup with a few repetitions before starting your game. This will help to warm up your muscles while also improving your contact with the ball.

Also, if you feel your technique getting sloppy in the middle of a range session, stop and do a few reps with a towel under your arms.

Should You Use the Towel Drill?

Obviously because of its popularity, it is not surprising that the towel under arm drill is appropriate for just about every golfer. Remaining connected is a fundamental part of the game which every player could stand to work on. 

If you’re a player who finds themselves troubled with the following mistakes, this drill really is more for you.

The Slice

If you find yourself hitting a slice more of the time, it’s possible that your arms are leaving your torso – perhaps quite early during the backswing.

Fixed rehearsals of the towel drill may not totally be the answer for your slice, but this drill should help you get a sense of how your arms and torso have to work together in order to keep your club in a good spot. 

Poor Shoulder Turn

There seem to be a few golf players who are lazy with their shoulder turn. They just let the arms do all of the work instead. If you find yourself doing this, the towel drill can help remove this.

In case you are trying to hold the towel in position, you won’t be able to use your arms alone to make a backswing – as a result you’ll have to emphasize on the correct shoulder rotation instead.


Go and try the towel drill for yourself. Considering the fact that it is simplistic and has worked for many golf players over the years. It has a lot to offer your swing so you might as well go and test it for yourself.

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