Top Tips for Female Golfers

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According to a report by the National Golf Foundation, there are about 16-million female golf players around the world. Another report from the Wall Street journal claimed that 67% of new golfers are women. 

Welcome aboard ladies. We thought we’d hit you up with a few tips to boost your journey in this fantastic sport. 

Top Tips For Female Golfers


Understanding golf may seem like a herculean task for beginners. It’s hard to know where to start with so much to learn. In this post, we’ll go over some of the most basic things female golfers should be aware of. After that, we’ll throw around some handy practical pointers. Let’s jump in.

Know The Rules

Just like any sport, you’ll have to know and understand the fundamental rules of golf. This is best before you even start. Golf is not just a fun and relaxing sport, it is also one that encompasses a lot of honesty. This means that you will be accountable for knowing when you have broken any of the rules. This is why you have to familiarize yourself with the rules before even starting.

Speaking Golf

Lots of sports have their own jargon and the same applies when it comes to golf. Knowing what your fellow players are talking about will increase your knowledge of the sport. There are typical golf terms, golf lingo, and you could casually share a joke or two. Why do golfers always carry a spare pair of trousers with them? In case they get a hole in one. Okay that was lame, moving on.

Choose Your Clubs Wisely

Deciding on the finest newbie golf clubs are important to get you started.

When starting out you need clubs that will improve your score and handicap. Beginner clubs should be easy to hold and learn with. Decent starter clubs are lighter, and simpler to hit.

Also, when it comes to clubs designed for women, they are created in a different way compared to their male counterparts. In most instances, women’s hands are usually smaller. So, their clubs may require a thinner grip. Likewise, women are shorter on average. 

This typically means that clubs designed for women will also be shorter.

ProTip: Go For A Club Fitting

If you are looking for a golf club that will perfectly match your  swing, then I suggest going for a club fitting. To do this you need to visit a specialty store and speak to an expert who can help you find a set of golf clubs suited for your swing. Many golf courses and golf stores will have a golf club fitter on staff. 

Go Shopping

Dressing in relaxed yet practical golf clothes are also important for improving your game. In areas with a piping hot climate, lightweight and breathable fabrics are ideal. The best golf outfits will keep you comfy and mobile. 


You can learn solo but learning golfing with a buddy has its perks. Golfing with another person will encourage you to perform better and have fun in the process.Don’t know anyone who likes golf? Chances are that you’ll meet someone on the course who will. In some cases, you might be joined in with other players and make some new friends.

Learn and Learn Some More

There are a few basic things you’ll need to learn. For instance, how to keep score.Along with this comes the importance of the different kinds of swings, stances and when to use a certain club. This will help you in figuring out which club you should use to achieve a certain distance. 

The modern world is rife with resources to help you on your journey. There are multiple means on hand that you can buy or use freely to learn golf. If the finances are available, you can invest in home equipment or check out blogs and videos on the internet for free. There’s no lack of informative videos and websites you can visit.If books and quiet spaces are more your thing, there are plenty of alternatives offered at your public library. 

Club Distance

Knowing how to avoid losing your ball or hitting it out of bounds will require you to know what the typical golf club distances are. Even though they are just calculations, they will help you keep your ball out of rough patches and raise your odds of getting a low score.


Don’t waste your time waiting until you hit the green to practice your golfing skills. You can conveniently practice your golf swing and short game at home. Just pick a spot where you will feel most comfortable, and not a risk, like your living room, courtyard, or deck. When you feel confident to try your luck at a real course, we recommend a par 3. This is because it’s simply made up of only par 3 holes.

Take Lessons

If your aim is to go pro, you should get professional golf lessons.

There are more than a few options to choose from. You can take virtual lessons, practice at a driving range with an instructor, or take lessons from a professional golfer. There are even golf clubs who offer free lessons when you join them.

Strive For Consistency

The secret to scoring low in golf is dependent on the player’s ability to work out where the ball will land after each strike. When you get the hang of swinging consistently, this will become easier for you. Practice as much as possible. Many professional golfers keep learning despite their reputation. You can’t improve your skills if you stop learning, that’s all we’re saying.

The Practical Stuff

Ok great, now that we have aired out some of the basic things you need to know before hitting the course, let’s look at some advice for when you are on the course.

Bend at the Hips

Occasionally, women who are new to golf have a habit of bending their knees. Instead, what you should be doing is tilt your body at your hips.

Bending your knees messes up your posture and weakens the power in your swing. However, bending your hips gives you a strong stance that moves your rear and shoulder blades backwards. You will have more room for your swing and improve your balance. When you bend your knees, you are forcing the club into more of a “seesaw” motion instead of a rounded motion across your body.

The Right Grip

Your golf swing is only as good as the correct grip. If your grip is unstable, your swing will start wrong and worsen towards the finish.

To get a decent grip, you should start with your hands and arms hanging loosely and naturally. Without altering the direction of your hands, hold the golf club in your left hand. Ensure that the clubface is square to your target line. The club will move in a crosswise line through your fingers, and the handle will finish up at the lower part of your heel pad.

For some reason, golfers make the mistake of holding the club in the palm of their hands. A club rests in the fingers. To know how to determine your grip, look down at the knuckles of your left middle and index fingers. When you can see four knuckles, your hand is turned too far to the right. 

Then when you only see one knuckle, it is turned too far away to the left. And wrap your right hand around the club. Here you also need to place the pad over your left thumb. Look and see if you find “V” shapes between your index finger and thumb on each hand. These should be pointed somewhat inside your right shoulder.

Swing Through the Ball

We know every golfer wants to hit the ball effectively and powerfully. But this isn’t the way you should think about your swing. Your swing should be calm and relaxed. Keeping too much emphasis on hitting the ball will create a weird, rushed effort.

A good way to notice this is when you take the club back steadily, jerk it down from the top of your swing and smack the ball randomly. A good alternative would be to think about hitting the ball using your practice swing.  Yes, this will come with some practice. Yet, when you can strike through the ball with a relaxed approach, the ball will move in the right direction. It will fly off of the club with speed and precision.

Power Up

In golf, power plays a big role in the game. To establish your ability to hit the ball far, you must make room for your body to turn correctly. You also need to focus on striking the ball with power. Let’s look at a quick example. 

When you use your driver, broaden your stance with the ball placed a little forward. Now put about sixty percent of your weight on your rear foot. Keep your head and chest tilted back a bit. In this relaxed position, hold the driver and give enough space of one open hand between your body and the end of your club.

Sweep the Ball

Longer clubs for instance the driver, 3-metal, 5-metal, and 7-metal are best hit when you sweep the club head along the ground and connect with the ball.

In the case of mid and long irons you need to “hit down”. Thus, connecting with the ball just a tad before the club. However, when it comes to drivers and longer clubs, position the ball somewhat forward in your stance, and consider sweeping the ball.

Shift Weight to Forward Foot

The golf swing is about creating a rock-hard foundation. This comes together with a natural motion that drifts from the backswing to forward swing effortlessly and fully. A typical mistake among golfers. is to lock their heels to the surface. 

This “hanging back” stance prohibits your body from turning through the ball into a good follow through. When you conclude your swing, your thighs will finish extremely close to one another.

In your swinging stance, you should not see an opening between your knees at the end of your swing. Also, your weight should have moved to your forward foot, this lets your back foot rise on the toe.

Let It Flow

One of the biggest motivations behind a relaxed swing is that it lets the club loosen energetically through the ball.  You will be able to hear a unique sound as the clubhead connects with the ball.

Start with a few calm and relaxed practice swings. Try to make some kind of “whoosh” sound at the base of your swing. Stay calm and allow the club to tear through with power, which will make this distinctive sound. A simple golf tip for the ladies, but it will help ease up your swing and build extra active movement through the ball.

Stay Loose But Potent

All these golf tips will be more helpful if you make some easy provisions ahead of time.

The American Council on Exercise has given a whole bunch of great advice before you even get on the course. Their first piece of advice is to focus on flexibility. Do this by stretching your muscles using exercises such as leg extensions. And then start with strength exercises which revolve around your shoulders, hips, legs and core.

These kinds of exercises are key factors in flexibility and strength. You will improve your swinging results; increase playing stamina and lessen the risk of suffering an injury.

Hammer Time

A formidable golf swing emanates from an accumulation of tension. This is where the chest twists over the lower body along with the release through your wrists and elbows.

If you want to know how your wrist unleashes power, go and get a hammer. Now, hold it as if you are ready to hit a nail. Did you feel that if you try to lift and lower the hammer with only your arm, it is tricky to make some headway? 

Then again, when you let your wrist pivot and use the leveraging to your benefit, you won’t have any trouble pounding the nail into a wooden plank. Similarly, loosening your wrists and elbows restores the energy in your backswing. Now you can hit the ball further than you have and with more precision.


Golf is a great all-inclusive sport for improving your health. You will also have other benefits such as increased focus and mental strength. This is also an ideal sport for women who enjoy the outdoors with friends and family. So ladies by using our golf tips for women you can better your game and lower your scores.


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