A Quick Guide to Measuring Your Putter

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Don’t neglect your putter. Since there are so many personalized club adjustments made today, the putter is often the last club considered. This is a grave mistake as a modified putter can be extremely useful. A putter that has the correct length provides consistent strikes and better speed control. In this guide you can learn how and when to measure your putter.

Putter Length

Get the Right Putter

You don’t necessarily need to rush out to your nearest pro store to try out a new putter. It may even happen that you already have a few in your golfing bag. You could even have a bunch of putters in your garage or closet with multiple lengths. You just need to find the one that will work best for you. 

Correctly measuring a putter is quite easy when you have the right equipment and know how.

What You Will Need

We are sure you can get some tape measure and a yardstick to measure your putter, but we won’t be needing any of those. To avoid inconsistent measurements, we will use a 48” straight edge ruler and golf measuring stick instead. 

Along with the straight edge ruler, find an even and smooth surface to measure on. You can’t exactly measure the length of your putter on even terrain like the golf course.  Your measurements will definitely be incorrect so don’t even try it.

How to Measure Your Putter

Putters are not like other clubs and their shafts are seldom fitted straight in the heel. Their shafts are usually close to the heel or in the middle of the putter head. This changes how you will measure the putter.  

The measuring Method

  • Place your putter with the intention of holding the center flat on the ground. Albeit that your usual stance moves the toe a tad up at setup, keep the putter’s center flat on the ground.
  • Next hold the bottom of your measuring stick and place it matched with the center of your putter.
  • Now, while holding the measuring stick as near to the shaft as you can, line the top of the grip up with your ruler.
  • The length of your putter will be determined by the number which features at the top of your grip. 

Common Lengths for Putters

All putters differ in length usually from 32 to 52 inches. Stock putters that are purchased from a pro shop or warehouse will most likely have a length of between 34 to 35 inches. 

Putters can be cut down to better suit custom lengths. However, there have been restrictions enforced by the United-States Golf Association regarding putters and length. 

Just as it is with all golf clubs, a putter should have a minimal length of 18 inches. The regulations for clubs such as drivers, woods, hybrids, and irons, have to be shorter than 48 inches to be permissible. Putters are not bound by this rule, and can be as long as the player needs them to be. 

Is Your Putter Right for You?

Seeing that you have become familiar with the method of measuring your putter correctly, let’s see if your putter will be the best fit for you. 

You have to remember that the length of your putter will have a detrimental impact on your swinging dependability, swiftness and your ability to control it. Below we have listed the most important factors to keep in mind when mulling over if a putter’s length is suitable for your game.


To best determine if your stance is correct, grab another ball, other than the one you have in play. Once you stand over the ball you have to drop a ball from your eyes down to the ball you’ve set up. 

Here the two balls should bump into each other. 

This will help to check you are straight over the ball while being able to swing the club similar to a pendulum. In case your stance is tremendously hunched over to get into this position, your putter is too short. In case you are trying to get this position and your hands have moved off from the bottom of the grip and against the shaft your putter is too long.


Your stroke when putting will also have a bit of an influence on your stance. There are golfers who swing the club around while others are positioned straight down the line. Then there are those characters who “made up” their stroke. 

Check before you start cutting away at your putter to practice many strokes with your usual swing. You have to feel comfortable with your putter, if you can’t get in the right frame of mind about your stroke you won’t feel confident about your putting ability. 

Your Height

Your height can be a helpful indicator of the right putter length. 

Like we said, you have to make sure you are at ease in your usual stance. It has been seen that most players use a putter that is excessively long for them.

If you visit just about any pro shop, you will probably notice that men’s putters typically sell at 35 inches. The most interesting part of this though, is that the average putter length is about 33.5 inches. This is not because players on tour are shorter- because they simply aren’t. 

Many lanky tour players have come to grips with the advantage of having a better view over the ball at setup. When it comes to the ladies, women’s putters are virtually sold standard in 33 inches at all times. 

There are instances where some golfers will be required to get their putter cut down and adjusted to a better length. It may be possible to see an advancement towards customizable putters with better availability for 31 and 32-inch putters.


How tall should you be for a 35-inch putter?

If you are a player who towers over 6 feet, then a 35-inch putter would be best for you. The taller you are, the more it would be required for you to have your eyes focused directly over the ball as you take up your stance. 

What length putter should I use for my height?

Below is a breakdown of the different heights and recommended putter size for each player.

  • For players between 5ft6 and 5ft8, a 34 inch putter is best.
  • For players between 5ft8 and 6ft, a 34.5 inch putter works best
  • For players between 6ft and 6ft2, a 35inch putter works best
  • For tall player 6ft2 and over, 36 inch putter works best

What if my putter is too long?

A length that is too long will cause you to subconsciously stand further from the ball, moving your eyes inside, instead of over, the ball. This could mean the arc of your putter is flatter and the toe of your putter could be off the ground, pushing your aim left of target.


The procedure of measuring your putter is quite easy. However, Finding the right length for yourself, and a picture-perfect putter for your stroke can be a larger undertaking. 

By cutting down a putter’s shaft, you will have better control, more reliable swing weight, while increasing the contact that the putter makes with the ball.

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