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Every single golfer has basically not been very good at this sport from the start. But the good news is that there is a lot to learn other than the basics, like hitting the ball. We are going to give you some guidelines on how to play golf a little better. You can decide for yourself if this is a sport you’d like to master.

Is Golf Hard To Learn

Do you Need Lessons first? 

Well known golfer and commentator Johnny Miller once described teaching his kids how to play golf

He explained that he would start out by letting them whack balls into a pond “because it was fun to see the splash”. 

He didn’t teach them how to hold a club, how to make a good swing, or anything that needs a lot of practice and concentration.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t need lessons to improve your game. Over time a decent coach will without a doubt help you develop your skills over time. (1)

Are Golf Lessons Worth it?

Golf lessons are important if you are new to the sport. This will help you bolster the right foundations of a good golf swing. An expert instructor will help you in correcting any errors in your swing. 

This is to prevent any habits from forming which will be challenging to change. The sooner you can get lessons, they faster these habits will get better.

Yes, we know that lessons can be pricey, but relying on the knowledge from YouTube videos is nothing like having a trained instructor. They will have a close look at your swing and give you direct advice on how you can improve.

When looking for a golf instructor make sure they fit your checklist, this should include:

  • They use up-to-date swing examination technology
  • You find yourself enjoying and learn exceptionally well from their teaching style
  • You get along and enjoy their personality- no one learns from someone they dislike
  • You can afford their lessons
  • They are focused on your goals just like you are
  • There is a track record of proven results
  • Other golfers have suggested their services

All things considered, every golf instructor is poles apart from the next. You enjoy the experience and be comfortable with the one you choose. After all, you will be spending some time with each other.   

The Fundamentals to Getting a Good Shot

If you just want to smack a few balls with friends and family just for the heck of it, golf can be quite easy.  

After all, you are only hitting a ball with a stick.  

More advanced golf players will agree that the instruments for golf have advanced over time. 

However, the sport has pretty much stayed the same. Hitting a ball into a hole using a stick.

The ability to produce a good golf shot only involves the following.  

  • The club face has to be directed at the target at impact.  
  • The club face must be moving in the direction of the ball 
  • Strike the back of the ball.  

That is pretty much it.  What you do before or after impact has almost no effect as long as those you meet the above terms.  

Choosing the Right Club

Every golf club in the bag is created for a specific task- obviously to drive the ball a specific distance at a certain speed. 

Clubs with the longest shaft, such as the driver, have a lesser amount of loft on the face. 

This ensures that the ball travels further. In contrast, irons feature shorter shafts and the loft on the face increases. Using these clubs results in the ball traveling shorter distances.

The first step to use these clubs well is by creating a setup that will give you the best results. 

If you regularly watch PGA events, you might be tempted to buy a similar brand and model as your favorite pro golfer. Unfortunately, this will not help you score well in your game or your practice run.

Of course, you can use this to get a sort of idea of which clubs to choose, but then again you will have to try and test other brands as well. 

With that being said, golf club technology has progressed, and their creators have directed these at different kinds of players when making these models.

Factors such as a player’s physical build and even their gender has been carefully thought out to ensure the best use for the right person. 

You have to try a few clubs and play close attention to those that cater for your specific needs and abilities. 

Golf Lessons

Keep it Simple

Golf has a tendency to get new players to think a lot more about their shots than they are supposed to. 

There’s a good deal of facts and suggestions that might be rattling in your head, the most tiring of which can be the basic training. 

It’s a common occurrence that when someone is new yet enthusiastic about the sport, they can’t help but to get over excited about it.  

They find themselves reading every book they can to improve their game, or spend hours online watching Youtube videos of their favorite Pros in action. 

You have to be careful here, overthinking your game can lead to burnout and perhaps leave you disliking golf altogether. 

When you are just starting out in golf, you have to take it easy and try to keep things simple. 

You can start by trying to get yourself into a decent setup. Begin by checking your ball position together with your posture; breathe and make relaxed swings to a satisfying finish. 

Remember that thinking too much can leave you agitated at some point, so understand your stress levels. The sport is a great way to relieve stress according to an environmental psychologist and Director of the Center for Design and Health, University of Virginia Jenny Roe.

“There’s a wealth of evidence, using robust, scientific methods, to show the benefits of ‘green exercise’ – exercise in the natural outdoors – compared to exercise indoors, including the gym. I think to get out and play golf you are really helping manage your mental health in a very holistic way.”

Getting Better at Golf without Lessons

The best way you can improve your golf game, if you are not too keen on lessons, is to practice regularly. You can also do a few practical things like getting advice from good players at your local club, focus on improving your short game and start off by being a good putter. 

You might not be a phenomenal striker at the moment, but you can significantly improve your scores by learning to chip and putt well.


So, is golf hard to learn? The answer is that it all depends on you and what you make of it.

There is a whole heap of learning material readily accessible online which can get you on your journey to play this beautiful sport with great success.

Just be careful, as you can’t just rely on learning from videos and books. Personal time with a trained golf instructor would be a great start. 

This personalized approach will get you striking perfectly provided that you put in the hard work, and exercise what you are shown.

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