Knowing When Your Golf Swing is Too Steep

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Knowing when and why your golf swing is a bit on the steep side can save you a whole lot of trouble. Newbies may have heard this term being thrown around without any idea of what it actually means. In this guide we will explain what a steep swing is and how you can cure it.

What Exactly Is a Steep Golf Swing?

To put it as blunt as possible, swinging too steep means that you are moving your club a little too up and down. 

A good golf swing can be observed by the golf club moving around your body. In contradiction, a steep swing moves more upward and descends to the ground.The club becomes more straight up in the downswing and produces a negative angle of attack. 

A steep golf swing will result in hitting down on the ball harshly which will also result in more divots.

Knowing When Your Golf Swing Is Too Steep

Busting Some myths

There is this weird idea among some golfers that steepness is just shaft pitch. This notion is backed by the idea that; you will get most out of your golf swing by making certain that you have the right club positioning. This isn’t really the case, but let’s explain ourselves here. Although no one can disagree with the impact a flat swing plane has on how the ball flies, it’s not the only aspect that you have to look at.

One more fairy-tale that has come about is that if your shaft pitch is steep, you will have a good striking angle and firm impact. Yet another fable. There is a lot of proof from many golf instructors and pros who agree that if your downswing starts too steep, you will have shallow impact. 

A good example from, is that 8-degree steepness at the beginning of the downswing will set the most supreme basis for a 0-degree impact. It is also to be expected that the reverse will happen. Rather than beginning with a steep downswing, you follow through with a shallow shaft pitch. 

It has also been said that the downward impact makes way for a ball to be sent flying at a higher and steeper angle of attack.

Contemporary PGA approach has deliberated that the angle of attack is considered steepness. It makes more sense than the angle of the shaft pitch since it has an open impact on how the ball will fly. The angle of attack can be underlined by a confident arc that is pictured as in the air, a negative trajectory as downwards.

Just remember that there is no ideal angle to aim for as this differs from golfer to golfer. Factors such as your height and body size play an important role.

Some good advice would be to get the golf club to split your right forearm in the downswing. In other words, you’ve moved the golf club near enough to the ground to get into the best angle to strike the golf ball.

A Few Drills for Preventing High Steepness

If you battle with a steep golf swing, the following easy drills should help you get out of the rut. 

Change Your Address

If you are swinging inside of the target line from a vertical club position, consider changing your address position. We would suggest trying your hand at an open stance. This drill gets you at ease with the path of a shallow downswing.

Now you should be able to feel how nimble the club is and have it positioned upright. The general idea here is that your feet should be placed at around 40 degrees to the left. While performing your backswing, you should tail the foot line. This will give you no other option but to back-up and follow with a shallow downswing.

Last of all, do everything in your power to redirect the club. It has to move around your body and follow the path towards the ball from within the target line. The biggest focus here is that you hit the ball right towards the target. 

Using an Alignment Stick

You can do this next drill at home. Take a golf club and place an alignment rod inside the grip end of the club. 

As soon as that’s done, assume your normal golf stance and start your backswing. 

When your club is parallel to the ground the alignment stick should point right down the target line. Now move your club back up until your left arm faces the ground. Your alignment stick has to point on or within the target line. From here you should simply twist your shoulders and the club will be in an excellent position.

Using a Movement Band

The next drill involves the use of a movement band and training grip. Attach the movement band to a lower end a few feet in front of your lead leg. Start moving the swing training grip back using a slight rotation. This motion will put the club on plane without a glitch. 

When you do this right, you will experience some pressure in the band. When you take the club back on a steep plane, the training grip will feel a little bit bizarre, but it won’t have as much pressure.

Focus on generating a backswing that requires little effort on the downswing will give you some good results. 

Doing this will guarantee that you will improve the quality of your shots. The more you brush up on your movements the less practice you will need.

Advice from a Pro

One of the best pieces of advice we have heard for preventing a steep golf swing comes from PGA golf instructor Kevin Sprecher. Sprecher chatted about a drill which aims to pay attention to the swing plane 

“I set up two rods apart at the lie angle of the club I’m using, which is my 7-iron,”. “If you’re a player who comes in too steep, you want to work on swinging underneath or even in between these two alignment rods.”

He said that the biggest problem among players who find themselves swinging too steep, lies in the upper body. According to him, the best way to cure this is to focus on the lower of the two rods.

“Typically players who come in too steep will start down with their shoulders,” he said.

“Go to the top of your backswing, feel the shift with your lower body and watch the club drop underneath or between the two rods. Do that two times slowly and you can swing through, just to feel what it’s like.”


We are confident that this guide to understanding a steep swing has helped you with your technique. The angle in which you strike the ball is paramount to what the result of impact will be. 

Bearing in mind it influences the direction and speed the ball travels. Take some in practicing the drills we have provided. Follow the above tips and upgrade your swing.

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