What Golf Shoes Does Tony Finau Wear?

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What Golf Shoes Does Tony Finau Wear?

Golf demands the right equipment and shoes. For Tony Finau, the choice of golf shoes is paramount to his success. His career is fuelled by amazing achievements and a unique playing style. His performance has made his choice in golfing footwear a subject of great interest and discussion.

Tony Finua Golf Shoes

Meet Tony Finau

Born in the heart of Utah in 1989, his golf journey started with a family connection. His father, Kelepi Finau, was a golfer and played a huge role in influencing his passion. Under his father’s tutelage, he embarked on a path filled with determination and hard work. 

This persevering spirit led him to the pinnacle of professional golf. Through this mentorship and inspiration, Tony’s journey in the sport has been a testament to the power of family bonds. It is thanks to this guidance and support, that Tony embarked on an extraordinary golfing career.

Playing Style

What makes Tony Finau unique is his playing style. His swings pack a ton of power. He can drive the ball to extraordinary distances, which has left his opponents wanting on the golf course. His ability to craft unique and inventive shots, demonstrates his versatility and adaptability. He carefully navigates course challenges with a flair that entrances his spectators. His athleticism and creativity in shot-making are admired by both fans and competitors.

Noable Achievements

Finau’s career is riddled with impressive achievements. He has repeatedly proven himself as one of the top golfers in the world. Just a few of his notable accomplishments include multiple winning PGA Tour victories in 2016, 2021, 2022 and 2023. He was afforded the opportunity to play in prestigious events like the Masters. Tony Finau ended at the top 30 on the leaderboard at the 2023 Masters Tournament.  Finau’s extraordinary consistency and endurance have earned him a place among golf’s elite.

The Shoes 

Now let’s look at Tony’s shoe collection. When it comes to golf shoes, Tony Finau’s heart belongs to Nike. So, let’s break down a few of his top picks and find out why they’re on his A-list.

Nike Air Max 1 G

With the Air Mag 1 G, Nike took elements from the original Air Max and fused them with superior golf tech. It looks like the Air Max 1, but it is custom-made for the golf course. The all-leather build makes sure that they’re up for the game. 

When it comes to colors, you are spoiled for choice. Here you will find classic styles for those who like things more traditional. If you want something snazzy, you can choose funky “grass” green, or “payday” prints for a more striking look.

On the course, these shoes perform beyond expectations. They may be spikeless, but you will still have a secure grip on the fairway. You will remain steady and stable during those essential swings. The Nike Air Max 1 G is the gold standard for a mix of style and performance. If you are all about comfort and iconic design on the greens, these are your go-to golfing shoes.

Nike Lunar Control Vapor 2

Next up, Finau likes the Lunar Control Vapor 2. This is a shoe that is stacked with stability and grip. They have been fitted with an articulated integrated traction sole. That is just a fancy part that helps the shoe stick like glue on the course. They also come with a standard waterproof guarantee for two years. 

So there won’t be any soggy rounds ruining your day. They might not be the best choice for all surfaces- like the pavement. However, when you’re out there on the course, these shoes are reliable and worth checking out.

Nike Janoski G 

if you like the look of old-school skating shoes, the Nike Janoski G might very well be for you. They have that sleek leather look which is complimented by comfy features, like foam cushioning and a padded collar. The Janoski G Tour shoes are where this range outshines the rest. They feature a tour-level traction system with seven removable spikes. This keeps you stable and grounded during your swings. It’s a picture-perfect combination of fashion and function.


Tony Finau’s golf shoe choices are all about practical use and a bit of panache. He has cherry-picked every pair for the best comfort, traction, and design. On the golf course, he has a winning attitude and wants to play in style. With his choice of Nike golf shoes, Finau knows that your swing should be as exciting as what you wear on your feet. 

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