What Golf Shoes Does Tommy Fleetwood Wear?

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What Golf Shoes Does Tommy Fleetwood Wear?

On the grand stage of professional golf, Tommy Fleetwood has been turning heads. Not only has he shown incredible skills, but his cool sense of stylish footwear has echoed through the iconic Nike swoosh. So, let’s meet Tommy Fleetwood and see what he prefers on his feet when he is out on the golf course.

  • Tommy Fleetwood is all about precision and adaptability in his game.
  • He favors two particular golf shoes: the Nike Air Max 90G and the Nike TW13 Free.
  • The Nike Air Max 90G is a trendy, spikeless shoe with solid traction.
  • The spiked Nike TW13 Free golf shoe is all about comfort and flexibility.

Meet Tommy Fleetwood

Tommy Fleetwood is an English golfing sensation. Born on January 19, 1991, in Southport, England. He joined the victorious Great Britain & Ireland Walker Cup team in 2009. His early success and achievements on the amateur circuit played a crucial role in establishing his professional golf career.

Notable Achievements

After turning pro in 2010, Fleetwood embarked on an exciting journey through the European Tour. He sealed his first-ever victory at the 2013 Johnnie Walker Championship at Gleneagles. From there he went on to conquer major championships around the world. His biggest career highlights include the unforgettable role in Europe’s 2018 Ryder Cup victory alongside Francesco Molinari. Tommy was part of the victorious European team that beat the United States in the 2023 Ryder Cup.

These events have set his reputation as a valuable asset in team competitions. 

Playing Style

When it comes to Fleetwood’s playing style, he employs precision and strategic brilliance. His flawless ball striking, rhythmic swing, and strong iron play solidifies accuracy. His short game is a thing of beauty, he can adapt to any situation regardless of the playing conditions. This is where he is known for being the most consistent. He makes smart tactical decisions, nailing vital shots along the way. 

The Shoes 

Like many other golfing legends, Fleetwood is a big fan of Nike. According to multiple sources he favors two shoe models from one of the most trusted sporting brands.

Nike Air Max 90G

Fleetwood has had an enduring partnership with Nike since 2016 . He has often been seen sporting the Nike Air Max 90G on the golf course. These shoes are not only stylish but also packed with performance driven elements. They draw inspiration from the iconic Air Max 90, which features a Max Air unit in the heel for cushioning and protection.

What’s really cool about these shoes is the outsole traction “waffle” pattern. You can find this famous Waffle pattern of the Air Max 90. On a practical level, we found excellent grip without the need for traditional spikes. It looks more or less like the casual version, but it is modified for golf with spikeless traction.

They are fitted with mesh uppers that are covered with TPU overlays. This is a shoe that puts performance at the lead without skimping on style. It is the kind of shoe you can wear both on and off the course.

The Nike Air Max 90G is both stylish and functional, but it does come with a small warning. As far as cushioning goes it might not be the best option. The firm foam midsole and less plush Air unit are things to consider. You will have to consider your own cushioning preferences when choosing this shoe.

But don’t let that get you down, the spikeless traction is a game changer. It has an extremely staunch grip, especially in dry conditions. In short, the Nike Air Max 90G is a great fit if you value style and performance. 

Nike TW13 Free

In 2023, Fleetwood started wearing the Nike TW13 Free golf shoes. 

The Nike TW13 Free golf shoes boast lighter and thinner leather uppers compared to your usual golf shoes. They mold to your feet, giving you a unique combination of comfort and performance. To ensure that your feet stay dry throughout your game, the TW13s have been seam-sealed all around.  

The Nike TW13 Free has been fitted with Nike Free technology. 

This amazingly innovative technology represents a range of athletic footwear. It gives the wearer a more natural, almost barefoot, sensation. With that in mind, these shoes provide an incredibly soft, flexible, and comfortable experience. They are ideal for those long walks on the golf course.

Yes, you can argue that spikeless golf shoes are more popular. However, there’s still a demand for spiked options. The Nike TW13 Free meets this requirement with its superb grip. The sole’s flexibility ensures that the spikes maintain their hold while you swing. Its sleek and sturdy design marinades with comfort. It is a strong and sturdy shoe with a barefoot twist that makes for impactful yet comfortable golfing.


With the Nike Air Max 90G and Nike TW13 Free Tommy Fleetwood isn’t wearing any old golf shoes. He is sporting a combination of style and technology. These shoes aren’t just for the golf course they are the future of golf. This is where Nike offers both endless class and modern design. Fleetwood’s footwear is not only sensible but also a bold statement of performance.

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