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Golf Shoes Jordan Spieth

Golf legends rarely achieve rapid fame. On the other hand, Jordan Spieth’s meteoric rise from a young talent to a major champion has captivated the golfing world. His success has also attracted clothing brands as sponsors. This milestone has led to the development of some of the finest golfing footwear available today.

Meet Jordan Spieth

Spieth is a highly accomplished professional.  He was born on July 27, 1993, in the state of Texas. In his early teens, he displayed enormous talent in golf and won multiple junior and amateur tournaments. Shortly after high school, Spieth turned professional in 2012. He quickly made a name for himself after earning his PGA Tour card in 2013.

Notable Achievements

In 2015 Spieth won both the Masters and U.S. Open. He also won The Championship Open in 2017 while earning numerous PGA Tour victories thereafter. In fact, he has won as many at 13 PGA tours to date. He has also gone on to represent the U.S. in Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup teams.

Playing Style

He is well known for his mental toughness, precise putting, and calculated course management. He is an adaptable player who excels at adjusting to different course conditions. His short-game mastery, consistency, and levelheadedness has helped pave his way to success.

The Shoes

Back in 2013, Under Armour ventured into the golf gear industry by signing Jordan Spieth as their product endorser. His enduring collaboration with Under Armour, has involved wearing their apparel and footwear. As of 2022, Spieth is committed to donning their attire and footwear until 2029.

Under Armour Spieth 3

When the Spieth 3 was in development, Jordan Spieth wanted a shoe that looked and felt like a casual pair of sneakers. He managed to accomplish just that without neglecting its performance elements. To start off, they are lightweight and offer extra ankle padding. 

This is thanks to added woven sections on the midfoot and toe of the upper. 

These sections contribute to weight reduction and vertical support around the ankle and underfoot. Also, the shoes feature a Gore-Tex membrane for dryness in the rain and breathability on hot days. Gore-Tex technology is both durable, reliable, and nifty to give you the best performance. 

Under Armour Spieth 4 GTX

The Spieth 4 GTX is all about practical performance. They’ve added Gore-Tex and a plastic heel section to provide extra support in the heel. They are a little heavier than your average golf shoe. They weigh just under 14 ounces, so they’re not light as a feather, but they don’t feel like you’re dragging blocks of iron either.

Under Armour has done the most to ensure that these shoes perform well while feeling comfy. The Dual Durometer EVA footbed is a cushy touch which makes for a comfortable walking experience.

These shoes are fitted with state-of-the-art RST 2.0 soft spikes. Not only will they help you to remain grounded but will also aid in giving you maximum output for your swing. 

Even though they come in a single white color, the shoe’s design are versatile. You will find a variation of designs on the breathable Clarino microfiber upper. A splash of bright orange accents feature on multiple parts of the shoe.

Spikeless Spieth 5 SL golf shoes

Here’s a shoe that has gone back to its roots. Despite their long and narrow design, they have more room- unlike their predecessors. These shoes feel comfy and sturdy. They have more space for those of us who have wider feet. 

The spikes are also something unique. The best way to describe them is like little suction cups that clench and move as you swing. You will stay grounded, even during powerful swings.

There is quite a bit that can be said in terms of the style of these shoes. Visually the upper part of the shoe offers a lot. 

However, it may not be the best choice for those seeking a clean and classic appearance. The upside is that the upper material is strikingly soft and flexible. When wearing it, you will have a shoe that has a comfortable and graceful fit right from the start.


Jordan Spieth’s partnership with Under Armour has given way to some incredible golf footwear. From the sneaker-like comfort of the Spieth 3 to the weather-resistant Spieth 4 Gore-Tex. Let’s not forget the spacious Spieth 5 SL. You’ll find options for combining style, performance, and strength. His transformation from a youthful prodigy into a major champion remains a wellspring of motivation for golf enthusiasts..

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