What Golf Shoes Does Jon Rahm Wear?

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The world of golf has witnessed the rise of Jon Rahm. He’s the Spanish sensation with a swing that’s pure poetry in motion. But there’s more to Rahm’s incredible journey than just his remarkable drives and precision on the greens. It’s the story of his chosen footwear, the quiet partners in his rise to golfing stardom. 

What Golf Shoes Does Jon Rahm Wear?

Meet Jon Rahm

Jon Rahm was born on November 10, 1994, in Barrika, Spain. As he grew into his teenage years, he developed a deep love for golf. His passion for the sport grew so much that he pursued a golf scholarship at Arizona State University. 

Here his academic golfing career grew exponentially, earning him numerous awards and titles. 

Throughout his early career, he was the world’s top-ranked amateur golfer. Soon after graduating from college, Rahm started his journey in the world of professional golf.

Notable Achievements

In 2016 he quickly rose to fame in the world of professional golf. By 2021, Rahm had earned quite a few victories on the PGA Tour. Some of his notable victories included the 2018 CareerBuilder Challenge, the 2020 Memorial Tournament, and the 2021 U.S. Open.

Playing Style 

If one thing is certain it is that Rahm has one hell of a swing when it comes to his drivers. 

He also has precise iron play, a strong short game, and a bold strategy for every game. He’s not afraid to take calculated risks and adapts to various course conditions. Rahm is both an adaptable and hard-hitting golfer. 

John Ramhs Golf Shoes

Rahm has placed his trust in an original golf shoe brand when it comes to his choice of footwear. Cuater has been his choice of golf shoes since January 2022. This prestigious brand has many types of golf shoes to offer. They range from spiked, spikeless, and casual options. Below are some of Rham’s favorites.

The Ringer Golf Shoe

First up is “The Ringer”. This is a versatile performance shoe with a lot of soul and style which Rahm wore at the 2022 Mexico Open. You can find it in white, black, and grey in a smart but athletic appearance. The shoes display the brand’s distinct logo on the tongue and heel. It delivers a mighty blow with seven removable Softspikes Pivix spikes that give excellent grip and balance. 

Yes, these are spiked shoes, but don’t let that fool you. You can wear them in casual settings just as easily as you would on the golf course. How? Well, this is all thanks to Cuater’s ‘Sweetspot Cushioning System’. It is unbelievably comfortable and a great fit for every foot size or shape. There is very little risk of suffering blisters or experiencing discomfort. 

The Moneymaker

We all like to do things a little differently- the same can be said for Rahm. The Moneymaker takes a big step back from conventional golf footwear. Here we find a clash of stunning visuals and popular knit designs. Their stylish colors range between black, grey, and indigo.

There is also a lot of attention to detail found in the craftsmanship. Cuater has included distinctive elements like diamond-etched saddle designs and a flexible structure around the toe box. This simple visual strategy sets them apart from other golf shoes on offer.

The Moneymaker is as comfortable as it is beautiful. It gives top-notch comfort while the cushioned insoles offer support and plushness. Rahm is an aggressive swinger, that’s why the added traction and stability is keynote feature of this shoe. 

The Daily

Here’s a golf shoe that you can wear just about every day- hence the name. These spikeless shoes are designed to be worn off the course.  They have a relaxed “going to the beach” vibe to them which is perfect for wearing shorts or pants.  The real success is beyond the style, these shoes are comfortable.  They might not be as comfortable as your bedtime slippers, but they have enough structure to hold up with a ton of walking. 

Just like the Ringer, they also have the SweetSpot Cushioning system. This incredibly innovative feature makes it lightweight for walking and standing. The Daily can be found in multiple fabric uppers such as knit, Woven, Wool, and Suede.  


Jon Rahm’s incredible journey is about more than just his golfing skills. It’s about the three uniquely named golf shoes he has added to his arsenal. The Ringer has provided him with top-notch performance. The Moneymaker makes playing easy while looking snazzy. Finally, The Daily is so versatile and comfy every day is golf day. His career tells a story of combining style and substance, one step at a time.

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