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You might not think so, but your used golf shoes could be a great help to someone in need. They may even have the same dedication and enthusiasm to the sport that you do. Many charitable organizations in the country accept used golf shoes and other equipment to pay it forward.

I have had a look at some of the best organizations that you should consider donating your used gear to.

Where To Donate Used Golf Shoes

First Tee

With multiple branches across the United States, First Tee focuses on uplifting young aspiring golfers to become exceptional players. 

These kids are typically aged between 7 and 18 and their daily programs help them in developing skills over time. First Tee assists them by developing their own fundamental life skill while advancing their knowledge of golf. They do this by infusing the magnificent sport with character-building and learning experiences. Their approach has helped youths unearth their internal strength, self-assurance, and resilience to excel in everyday life. 

This is a worthy cause to donate seeing that they not only enhance golf skills, but also form a safe, supportive, and constructive setting that focuses on enriching the lives of children. 

Washington Golf

If you are in the Washington or Northern Idaho areas, you could consider donating your used golf shoes to Washington Golf. This organization focusses on enriching the lives of these local residence through multiple social, recreational, and lifetime benefits that come with golf.

Since it inception in 1922, Washington Golf has expanded into one of the major amateur golf associations in the United States. Within a century Washington Golf has reached out to hundreds if not thousands of golfers, member shoes, and golf facilities within Washington and Northern Idaho.

Honorable Mentions

Apart from the big names out there, you might also like to donate your used golf shoes to a few lesser-known organizations. Their causes are by no means less than the organizations mentioned beforehand, they (oddly) did not feature as much in my research.

Veteran’s Golf Program

Located in Sacramento, the Veteran’s Golf program (VGP) is a perfect example of how golf is one of the most widespread sports in the world.  Their biggest focus is to create more than a sports program. In their words, they want to “enrich the lives of Veterans and their family members through sportsmanship and the camaraderie of golf.”

In this program, veterans can also discuss their personal hurdles, while also provided with help related to other physical and emotional requirements. The veterans are provided with a wide variety of counseling and guidance services obtainable through the program.  The VGP has been able to give these struggling individuals with essentials such as groceries, cutlery, and furniture for veterans with temporary problems.

In more serious scenarios, the VGP has secured bridge financing to cover rent. Lastly, they have been able to give cleaning deposits for vets moving into safe housing and delivered dependable cars for vets who are in need of transportation. If you would like to show “good sportsmanship” then this would be a great place to donate your used golf shoes to in people in need. Heck if you’re feeling real generous why not go an volunteer? Just a Thought.

TGR Foundation 

What could be better than donating your used golf shoes to an organization which is founded by a world-famous golf pro? 

Should it happen that you have a passion for education and helping kids, then the TGR Foundation would be the ideal fit for your contribution. If you haven’t guessed it already, the TGR Foundation was founded by legendary Tiger Woods.

The main focus of this non-profit organization is to uplift disadvantaged students by educating them in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Using vital golf approaches, they also help these kids think and function as a group and individualistically. The TGR Foundation goes even further and help them gain access to some of the best colleges around. 

Local Golf Clubs

If I were looking for a place to donate golf shoes, I would start by asking around at my local club or course. They could know of someone who is interested in taking on some spare shoes without having to pay anything for it.


So, if you are feeling generous and have some extra shoes at home, then it would be best in donating your golf shoes to help someone enjoy golf. If you really want to donate your old shoes but uncertain where to do this, the U.S Golf Association has a widespread list of organizations and charities that are looking for golf shoe donations. 

it is completely up to you what you do with your used golf shoes but hopefully our suggestions would help you to wisely choose where you want your shoes to go.

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