How to Stretch Golf Shoes

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Will my golf shoes stretch? This is a top question to ask when buying golf shoes. 

What are the benefits of stretching out my golf shoes? 

A lot of people struggle to find the right fit. Most golf shoes end up being too small or too big. More reason to make sure you measure your golf shoes to fit. Often they are too narrow.

Golf shoes won’t be comfortable for your feet most of the time.

When stretching your golf shoes, you get the most out of your golf shoes. 

If your shoes are too small, they will hurt your feet. If your golf shoes are too big, they can create uneven patterns on the soles. This can cause problems for your feet later on.

How To Stretch Golf Shoes

Types Of Golf Shoes

Leather Shoes

Leather golf shoes are durable. They are also one of the more comfortable golf shoes available. 

These shoes will need more to break in than other golf shoes. They are not as flexible either.

It will take a while before you can wear them for long periods of time.

Leather golf shoes are breathable. Their design makes them the most stable-fitting golf shoe.

The leather is often waterproof. But taking correct care of them will help that feature last. 

Mesh Shoes

Mesh golf shoes are extremely light compared to leather golf shoes. They are breathable. This means your feet will not sweat a lot during your golf game.

Mesh golf shoes do not offer much support around the ankle. This can cause some discomfort if worn for long periods of time.

They do not provide a lot of cushioning either. This is not a fit for everyone and can take some getting used to. 

Synthetic materials tend to stretch more. After a few uses, these golf shoes will stretch naturally. Keep this in mind before stretching your golf shoes too much. 

Synthetic Leather Shoes

The combination of leather and synthetic makes these golf shoes versatile. 

Synthetic leather golf shoes are lightweight. They offer breathability and are water-resistant. 

Synthetic leather golf shoes are more flexible than regular golf shoes. 

If you are an avid golf player, you will need to replace these shoes every couple of months. With their versatility comes the issue that they do not offer a long lifespan.

Can My Golf Shoes Be Stretched?

Your golf shoes can be stretched lengthwise and widthwise. There are a few methods that can be used to stretch out your golf shoes.

It is important to remember that most shoes stretch after a few uses. Find the best fit for your foot when buying shoes.

Wear your new golf shoes for short periods of time at home. This will allow your golf shoes to stretch naturally before you start manually stretching them. 

Stretching Leather Golf Shoes

A simple way to stretch out your leather golf shoes is using a shoe stretcher. You can buy one from any number of sporting shops. 

Most golf shoes will have one designed specifically for the brand of shoe. 

You will put the golf shoe stretcher inside the area of the shoe you want to stretch. This process will take time. 

Wear them around the house after stretching them for a bit. It is wise to stretch them little by little so you do not overstretch them. 

If you do not want to buy a tool to stretch out your golf shoes, you can put tennis balls into the area of the shoe. If you do this overnight, they will feel better each morning. 

Leather does not stretch as much as other materials. This process does take longer than with other materials. Faux leather stretches the best.

Stretching Mesh Golf Shoes

Mesh golf shoes are easy to stretch out. The shoe stretcher will work well to stretch out the mesh golf shoes.

Alternatively, you can stuff small towels into the mesh golf shoes. This will stretch the mesh golf shoes out overnight. 

Stretching Synthetic Leather Shoes

The recommended method is to use a shoe stretcher. Or, like leather to use tennis balls overnight.

Make sure to stretch your golf shoes slowly.

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General Shoe Stretching Methods

Often you can wear thick socks and use a blow drier on your shoes to help them stretch out. Direct the heat only on spots that you want to stretch out.

Move the blower driers nozzle around so that you do not damage the leather.

Placing a bag of water in your shoe and putting it into the freezer can also stretch out your golf shoes. 

The water will expand as it freezes. This will stretch out your shoes. Be careful to place the water so that it freezes in the correct area. 

A professional shoe repair shop will be able to help stretch out your golf shoes. They have all the necessary tools.

A shoe repair shop will be able to help customise the fit of your new golf shoes. 

Shoes stretching sprays are available. While wearing your shoes, you spray liquid onto the area you want to stretch out. 

You can do this while wearing your golf shoes. Or the sprays can be applied while you are using the shoe stretching methods. 

Using a shoe stretcher is a slow process. But the benefit of using a shoe stretcher is that it can also widen your shoe. 


Finding a comfortable golf shoe that fits your feet is the main goal. Golf shoes have an extremely specific fit. 

When buying the best golf shoes, measure your feet. Your normal shoe size is a good guideline for the fit of your golf shoe. 

However, stretching your golf shoes is a plausible option. Make sure to stretch your golf shoes little by little. 

Once some stretching is done wearing your shoes for a while. You can always stretch your shoes more but cannot undo the stretch. 

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