How To Remove Golf Shoe Spikes

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SInce the mid 1800s spiked golf shoes have been well known to provide players with a great deal of grip during their gameplay.  

According to Golfing Focus 15-20% of PGA Tour pros wear spiked shoes. 

These types of golfing shoes have provided a crucial part in the game and proper maintenance. Knowing when and how to remove these spikes is essential to ensure your golf shoes last a couple of rounds. 

How To Remove Golf Shoe Spikes

Why You Should Replace Golfshoe Spikes

You have probably noticed how useful they are in rainy or damp conditions where having enough grip is vital.  

Wet playing terrain is always slippery and wearing a pair of freshly spiked golf shoes is the best thing you can do for your shoes. 

Perhaps you are feeling creative and want to give your shoes a bit of a makeover for casual use. 

Anyway, let’s get to how you can remove the spikes from your golf shoes. (1)

How to Use a Golf Spike Wrench

Using a golf spike wrench is an extremely commended tool when thinking about the multiple ways to safely remove spikes from golf shoes. It is basically what this tool has been created for. 

For this reason, making use of a golf spikes wrench very well be your first option for removing all the spikes from your golf shoe. 

More often than not, removing the spikes from your golf shoes using this tool is quite easy. Simply squeeze the wrench around the spike, pull it back and the spikes should be removed.

Simply doing this should result in the spikes coming out effortlessly without the necessity to use unnecessary force.

However, if it happens that the spikes on your golf shoe are either broken, worn out, or damaged, the usual golf spike wrench may not be able to be enough to get the job done. In this kind of scenario, you might be required to get some additional tools and a little bit of force.

How to Remove Spikes Without a Golf Spike Wrench

As luck may have it with some golfers, you might not have a golf spike wrench lounging about in your gear bag. This may even be the very first time you’ve heard of such a tool. Not to worry, there is a simple method you can use to remove the spikes. Here’s how. (2)

Clean it first 

Scrub the spikes using the brush end of a golf cleaning tool. This is to remove all of the layers of mud and grass.

In case you don’t have a cleaning tool, you can use a wire brush or a brush with hard bristles. 

Use a Pair of Pliers

Hold the spike you want to remove using a pair of pliers. You can either use needle-nosed pliers or larger pliers will do just fine in here. In order to remove metal spikes, you will have to tweak the metal spike itself. When removing plastic spikes, place needle-nosed pliers diagonally to the spike.

Start Turning

Turn the pliers anticlockwise to remove the spike from the shoe. In case the grip of the pliers loosens, you can grab hold of the spike and try again. Keep doing this until all of the spikes have been removed.

Getting New Spikes

Now that you have learned how to remove the spikes from your golf shoes, you might want to know how to replace the worn out spikes with a bunch of fresh ones.

Golf shoe manufacturers have been known to recommend that you switch your spikes after finishing about fifteen rounds of golf. However, this is an unfounded statement with very little merit. 

In actual fact, playing at least thirty rounds of golf using your spikes makes more sense before you think about a replacement.

Also, before buying new spikes, remember that the new spikes have to be consistent with the thread on your golf shoes.

Just remember to ensure that the spike receptacles are squeaky-clean before popping in a new bunch of spikes. Uncleaned spike receptacles will be filled with mud and small fragments making it fit inaccurately.

On the other hand, you can scrub down the dirt with water or blow some air into it to clear it out.

Once this is cleaned, insert the spike in the shoe and grip the spike with your fingers turning it in a circular motion.

Ensure that the spikes are well tightened to avoid them loosening up or unfasten throughout your game. 

The Benefits of Changing your Golf Shoe Spikes Regularly

Finally, we have added some of the benefits to changing the spikes on your golf shoes more regularly. Here goes. 

Keeps Up Traction

Golf shoes with spikes are perfect for damp and imbalanced terrains. Spikes help your golf shoes to confidently hold you to the ground with the intention of maintaining traction.

The effectiveness of the shoe decreases considerably if the spikes are wedged. It is for this reason that you should change your spikes on a regular basis.

Increases Durability

Keeping golf spikes in tact will help intensify the sturdiness of your shoe.

When purchasing a golf shoe, you want it to last for a while. Ensure that your shoes are maintained and that the spikes are changed regularly. Changing the golf spikes regularly will help keep your shoe’s durability.

Improved Leg Support

The spikes of your golf shoe have to work accurately before you can attain your sought after leg support. Having shorter and unbalanced spikes may result in your leg tripping and perhaps getting injured.

Therefore, doing away with and replacing stuck golf spikes on your shoe is an outstanding means to hold your golf shoe’s steadiness. 


And there you have it, folks. Now you know how to remove spikes from your golf shoes. Removing spikes on golf shoes is quite easy, but there are always some exceptional instances where you might find yourself struggling a bit. 

As an example, in case your golf spike is broken or tremendously worn out, removing them can be challenging. 

As a final point, before buying new spikes, make sure they go in accordance with the threading. Ensure that the spike receptacles are clean and free of excess materials like grass and mud.

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