How to Measure Golf Shoe Size

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Are golf shoes the same size as regular shoes? For the most part, yes but golf shoes need to fit your feet comfortably and tightly. 

Your shoes need to be snug to tighten your golf swing but comfortable enough to walk miles.

On an average golf course, you can expect to walk 7 miles while playing (even when using a cart), so it’s vital your shoes fit comfortably!

Golf Shoe Size

How can I calculate my shoe size?

  1. Wear socks when you measure your feet

    Because you will be wearing the shoes with socks, and even the small difference a sock makes can affect your comfort. 
  1. Measure the pad of your foot 

    This is the widest measurement your foot has. Golf shoes shouldn’t be too narrow, or they will cause bunyons and calluses on your feet. 
  1. Measure the length of your foot

    Take two measurements: from the sole to the big toe and to the second toe. Some people have a longer second toe, and without that measurement, the shoes could pinch the toes.
  1. Look at the interior state of your current shoes

    Has your swing and your walk worn in the shoes you already have? Your unique walk and feet wear your shoes in a specific way and it’s best to buy shoes that match you. 

    For example, if the shoes’ soles are worn and low, you might like to get extra padding in the future. If the sides are scuffed and worn, you might need wider shoes. 
  1. At the opening of the tied laces, it should be about a thumbs width apart. Factors such as your foot’s arch height can affect this. If the shoe’s opening is less than a thumb width, it could mean, each step and swing could pinch on your feet. 
  2. How do the golf shoes fit? 

    Can you wiggle your toes up and down? Do the shoes feel form-fitting without pinching your feet? If yes, then these fit!

    Does your foot slip between your forefoot and heel when walking? Does the toe box pinch any toes at all? When you swing, do the shoes slide and slip? 

If yes, then these do not fit!

Tips for Making Golf Shoes More Comfortable 

  1. Avoid wearing socks that are tight or socks that scrunch up a lot 
  2. When trying on new golf shoes, wear your golfing socks – this will help you have a Cinderella moment with the perfect fitting shoe
  3. Before settling on a size, measure both feet – if you have a bigger foot by a pair that fits the bigger foot. An insole will balance the smaller foot, but a small shoe will only hurt a bigger foot.
  4. Make sure the shoes can bend when you stand on your tiptoes to prevent uncomfortable tightening across the foot when walking.
  5. Pay attention the fitting around the middle of the shoe – it must be tight in the middle because this is how the shoes support and stabilise your swing.
  6. Golf shoes stretch over time, so it’s not an issue if they’re slightly tight.
  7. Your feet’ widest and longest measurements are the important numbers – fit the shoes exactly to these measurements.
  8. If you’re a woman, pay attention to your comfort in the shoes. Women are often used to wearing tight shoes but beauty and fashion should not prioritise the course. The toe box, padding and overall fit should be comfortable and empowering. 
  9. Do the shoes bunch excessively when you take a step? This is a sign that the golf shoe is too wide and long for your foot. 
  10. If the shoes stretch over the toes, it means they are too narrow for your foot.

How Do Brands and Countries’ Shoes Compare?

Below is a comparison chart from showing how each brand’s shoe is sized differently. 

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The Footjoy brand has advanced methods of measuring and customising shoes for a wide range of sized and shaped feet. If you find that your golf shoes are always ill-fitting, try a brand like Footjoy that will fit your unique feet and walk. 

Poorly fitted shoes can 

  1. Give you blisters
  2. Affect your golf game by allowing your feet to slide or slip in swings
  3. Result in  back pain – your back will take strain in every pinched step, unstable swing and overcompensating movement 
  4. Make you feel tired after practices and games – similar to point 3; your body will be fatigued from correcting your balance and comfort during longer golf games and practices. 

It’s easy to avoid the above pains, wear the correct, comfortable and functional golf shoes! It will step up your game and reduce unnecessary aches. 

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