How To Keep White Golf Shoes White [Guidelines to maintain white golf shoes]

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White golf shoes, with their pristine appearance, have the power to enhance your golfing style and make a statement on the course. However, they do tend to show signs of wear and tear faster than their darker counterparts do . Here you will find all the answers you need to keep your white golf shoes shimmering.

How To Keep White Golf Shoes White

Causes of Color Deterioration

When it comes to the deterioration of white golf shoes, there are many factors that come into play. Let’s have a look at the many things that cause the damage.

The Usual Suspects

Your white golf shoes appear to deteriorate faster because of the visibility of stains and scuffs. Golf shoes in any other color can hide slight blemishes much better. 

The bad news is that white shoes tend to magnify even the slightest dirt or yellowing. Those pesky grass stains and mud splatters that collect during a round of golf are much more noticeable on a white surface.

Bracing The Elements

White shoes have a higher vulnerability to the elements due to their lighter color. They show signs of dirt, water stains, and sun damage a lot faster. Exposing your white golf shoes to wet grass, muddy terrain, and rain can leave lasting marks on them. This will ultimately cause them to look worn out faster than shoes in darker shades.

Regular Cleaning

White golf shoes need a higher level of maintenance. You might find yourself cleaning and caring for these shoes more often than the others. But be warned, the cumulative effects of cleaning and scrubbing can add to the appearance of faster wear.

What it’s Made of

Even though the color itself may not impact the durability of your white golf shoes, the materials can play a role. Basically, several white shoes use more spongy materials that can absorb stains more readily. 

Also, pay attention to what you use to clean your shoes. Some cleaning agents or methods used to maintain the whiteness of the shoes might inadvertently speed up the damage.

How To Extend the Lifespan of Your White Golf Shoes

Even though your white golf shoes may require a bit more TLC, they can still have a decent lifespan with proper care. Below are some short useful tips to get you going. Read through them carefully and see which approaches you haven’t considered.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Think of all the of where you are walking on the course. Stay clear of areas, like wet grasslands, where numerous stains and mud are likely to accumulate. 

Stain Protection

Another good idea would be to apply a stain-resistant spray before wearing your white shoes. This can create a barrier against dirt and stains. 

Keeping Them Safe

Store your shoes in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Use shoe trees to help maintain their shape. 

Swop Them Around

If possible, try not to wear the same white golf shoes as possible. Alternate between multiple pairs of golf shoes. By doing this your shoes will get a much-needed break which reduces damage to your shoes.

“Weather” Or Not to Play

Before you go and play a few holes, have a look at your outdoor surroundings. If rain or dampness is in the forecast, consider giving your white shoes a rain check.

Wear Your Socks

This is a simple instruction, that some ignore. Your socks aren’t just useful to warm your feet. They’re your secret allies against sweat and stains. Your shoes can damage as much on the inside as they do on the outside.

Cleaning Habits 

Besides all the practical things you can do to prevent leaving stains, there are measures you can take if slip-ups happen. Look at these super tips below.

Simple Stain Removal

When your day on the course is done, show your shoes some post-game love. It’s obvious that your shoes will have a few scuff marks after every hole. Simply take a damp cloth and give them a gentle wipe. A simple habit that will help your shoes stay fresh.

Brush It Off

Where stains get tough, you will have to get tougher. Introduce your shoes to their new buddy, a soft brush. Give them a gentle scrub and watch the dirt abandon ship.

Good Old Soap and Water

You will need more than a brush when there is grime galore. When life throws dirt at your shoes, you should fight back with a mild soap solution. A combination of dishwashing liquid and lukewarm. 

A Secret Weapon Against Grass Stains

Grass stains don’t stand a chance against a mix of baking soda and water. Gently rub this solution on the stains and watch them bow out.

Solution for Tough Scuff

You can beat stubborn scuff marks using baking soda. To start, mix some baking soda with two teaspoons of water to create a paste.  Rub the mixture gently until those marks disappear.

Shade Your Shoes

Protect your white shoes from the blazing sun. Too much ultraviolet light can lead to fading or yellowing. Give them some shade.

Toothpaste Tango

Your toothpaste can do more than take care of your pearly whites That’s right, you can keep your white golf shoes minty fresh using some good old toothpaste. Just rub on some non-gel white toothpaste, rinse, and let them bask in the sun for a little bit.

Innovative Cleaning Kits To Keep Them White

To make sure your white golf shoes are taken care of, perhaps invest in a shoe cleaning kit. This assembly of cleaning wonders comes complete with brushes, specialized cleaning materials, and even handy-carrying cases. Golf shoe cleaning kits are detail-orientated packages designed to provide you with all the tools and products you need. Let’s look at what you can find inside.

Components of a Golf Shoe Cleaning Kit


These are not your usual brushes. They are designed to be gentle yet effective in removing dirt, grass stains, and debris from the various materials used in golf shoes. These kits often come with different types of brushes. You will be able to find soft bristle brushes for leather shoes and tougher brushes for synthetic materials.

Cleaning Solutions

Golf shoe cleaning kits usually include specialized cleaning products and sprays. They are safe for you to use on any of your white golf shoe materials. The range of cleaning solutions is specially formulated to remove stains and dirt without damaging the surface of your shoes.


These are not your normal school supplies. They are creäted to gently rub away scuff marks and tough stains without damaging your shoe. They work wonders on both leather and synthetic shoes.


Sometimes you need a quick fix for minor scuff marks. That is where cleaning wipes come in. These wipes are pre-moistened with a gentle cleaning solution, making them perfect for those on-the-go touch-ups.

Carrying Case

You can’t have all these fantastic things and no way of carrying it around. Many of these cleaning kits come with a compact carrying case. They help keep all your cleaning tools organized and easily accessible. You can easily take your kit with you to the course or store it at home.

Benefits of Using Golf Shoe Cleaning Kits

You can use all the techniques that have been discussed to keep your golf shoes clean. However, a shoe cleaning kit does come with its benefits.


Golf shoe cleaning kits are designed to simplify the cleaning process. Cleaning is easier with all the essential tools and solutions at your fingertips. You can quickly tackle dirt and stains without hunting for various cleaning products.

Safe for Materials 

One of the key advantages of these kits is that the items are created to be gentle on golf shoe materials. You won’t have to worry about damaging shoes made out of leather, synthetic, or other specialty materials.

Effective Results

Golf shoe cleaning kits are designed to ease the unique challenges of cleaning golf shoes. This means you’re more likely to achieve effective results and restore your shoes to their original shine.


Can I Use Bleach to Clean White Golf Shoes?

It’s not a good idea to use bleach on white golf shoes. Bleach can damage the materials and cause discoloration. When in doubt, keep to your soap solutions or dedicated shoe cleaners.

Can I Machine Wash White Golf Shoes?

Nope, it is not a good idea at all. The agitation and heat can damage the shoes’ structure and materials. 

How Do I Clean the Shoelaces?

Apart from the actual shoe, your shoelaces will need some cleaning as well. To do this, remove the laces and soak them in a mild soap solution. Use a soft brush or cloth to scrub them gently. Give them a good rinse and air dry before re-lacing your white golf shoes.

Can I Waterproof White Golf Shoes After Cleaning?

Absolutely, this is a fantastic idea. A waterproof spray that is expressly formulated for shoes can help protect them from water and stains. The only thing you need to do is ensure that your shoes are clean and dry before applying any products.


From battling grass stains to casting magic spells with erasers. You now have the tools to keep your white golfing shoes as bright as your golfing spirit. By cleaning your shoes regularly, you are showcasing your dedication to style, performance, and keeping the game playful. 

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