How do golf shoes help?

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When it comes to the game of golf, many beginners are unaware of the tremendous amount of complicated movements involved. It really isn’t a matter of just finding a ball and knocking it around.

You might not know this, but wearing a pair of golf shoes can radically improve your game

From the backswing all the way to landing a perfect shot. 

Today we will give you a few important tips you need to know about wearing golf shoes and why they matter for the game.

How Do Golf Shoes Help

Why Are Golf Shoes Really Important?

You’ve probably just started playing this magnificent game that requires focus, steadiness and a firm posture. If you’re questioning the importance of golf shoes, don’t worry you’re not the only one.    

Lots of amateur golf players wonder why they should buy shoes made essentially for the game.

To put it in simple terms, golf shoes are specially created to provide players with a sense of steadiness, balance and tractability. These are all crucial focus points with the unique swinging movements involved in the game.  

Think about it for a second; If you find yourself slipping or sliding during your swinging movements, it will be difficult to make solid contact with the golf ball. Obviously this will result in some poor, even embarrassing, golf shots. (1)

The Different Types of Golf Shoes

Much like Darwin’s theory of evolution, golf shoes have taken many shapes and forms since they were first introduced in 1891. 

In this time frame of almost a century and a half, golf shoes have been available in a variety of spiked shoes and “evolved” to a more spikeless design.

In the beginning, golf shoes were fitted with firm screw-in metal spikes. This had gradually changed to plastic and then rubber spikes.  

Fast-forward to 2010, the golfing world was introduced to the world’s first pair of spikeless shoes. These were designed to offer improved protection for grassy playing turfs without compromising solid grip as the player swings.

The difference between the two versions is that spikeless shoes do not have removable spikes. Instead quite a few smaller studs or grooves are introduced. These align the player’s weight evenly and decrease indentations on the green.

The Makings of a Good Shoe

When choosing a good shoe, you have to look out for more than something that provides great comfort, traction and stability. There are other features that need to be taken into account.

A decent golf shoe will also have the ability to absorb dampness without a significant impact on your swing. Regardless of whether the moistness has emanated from water on the course or your own dripping sweat. 

Oh! Speaking of sweat, you might want to ensure that your shoe has the ability to water down any smells that may come as a result from the sweat. (2)

Benefits of Wearing Golf Shoes

Stepping onto the course with a pair of golf shoes will provide you with the following benefits for your game.

Improved Swing

A golf shoe’s sole design is geared towards giving you stability and grip. Slipping during your swing can be frowned- or even laughed upon, but golf shoes allow you to swing reliably and have a positive outcome.

Conquering Terrain

You will not always have the convenience of playing your shots on the fairway. At some point you will need to venture into areas that are uneven or slippery. 

Here’s where a sturdy pair of golf shoes will come in handy as some courses can be quite unforgiving with steep bunkers that need that extra support for your swing.

Sporting with Style

Golf shoes do not need to be boring. There are quite a few contemporary designs to compliment your personality. Sporting different colors and styles, these designs are offered in full leather and complex materials tailored for your budget and personality.


Which Is the Better Choice For Beginners?

Even though spiked shoes can provide slightly more traction and stability, beginner golfers are recommended to invest in spikeless shoes.

When Are Golf Shoes Not Ideal?

Even though we are in favor of golf shoes, unfortunately there are instances where golf shoes are not recommended. Such instances include golfers who suffer from arthritis or other joint- or muscle-related illnesses. If you suffer from any of these, do not worry. 

A pair of decent tennis or running shoes ought to do the trick as they provide a lot more comfort.

Which Style Do the Pros Prefer?

The Pros still resort to spiked golf shoes. There has been a steadily increasing shift for professional golfers to lean more favorable on spikeless golf shoes. 

Final Thoughts

And there you go. Simply put, find yourself a pair of golf shoes that provide Steadiness, are comfortable, durable, and weather resistant. Be mindful of what each course allows you to wear, go out and have fun

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