Disc Golf Shoes: How it Works and What to Wear

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In case you’re a golfing enthusiast, but you have never heard of disc golf, you are without a doubt in for a great time. Similar to conventional golf, this game is played outside and less pretentious.

In this feature, we look at what disc golf is exactly, how it works, and what you need to wear. 

Here you can also expect a special focus on recommended shoes for this laidback sport. Right! Let’s swing in.

What Exactly Is Disc Golf?

This innovative sport is similar to traditional golf except players make use of a flying disc. This sport came about in the seventies, and just like in golf, requires players to end each hole in as little throws as possible.

A disc golf hole starts from a tee off area and concludes at a target, usually a perched metal basket. When players advance down the fairway, they should attempt each sequential throw from the spot where the previous throw had landed. 

When playing in groups, the player who is furthest away is first to throw, and competing players are challenged to get ahead of the player who is furthest away. Natural surroundings such as trees, bushes, changes in the terrain on the fairway deliver fun and puzzling obstacles for the golfer. The hole is complete when the player’s disc lands in the basket. (1)

What Clothes Should I Wear When Playing Disc Golf?

Now that you know what Disc Golf is and how it works, let’s look at what you should wear. Because there is a lot of throwing involved you should pick clothes that are loose and breathable. It would also be wise to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Shirts and shorts are completely okay for disc golf.

Recommended Disc Golf Shoes

What Shoes Are Worn in Disc Golf?

Shoes are an important part of playing disc golf. The courses consist of rocky landscapes, with some courses can be wet at times. Tennis shoes can be used but pros use shoes that are rough enough to hold out against damage as well as being waterproof. (2)

Here are a few of our recommendations:

Adidas outdoor Terrex Swift R2 GTX

When you’re on the lookout for the best shoes for disc golf, characteristics such as durability, comfort, and waterproofing, are the most important to consider for the course. The Adidas outdoor Terrex R2 GTX comprises all this and more.

This is one of the best waterproof disc golf shoes on the market. It holds pretty well in wet conditions and will protect both of your feet while keeping them dry. Adidas has used a unique fabric called the GORE-TEX membrane to add to the shoe’s water resistant features.

Another impressive feature of this shoe is its extraordinary design. A breathable ripstop mesh upper with thermoplastic polyurethane overlays. This safeguards the shoes’ toughness, ensuring little damage from continuous movement. Lastly, the sole of the shoe’s cushioning is perfect, providing comfort and extra support on the feet. 

Oboz Sawtooth II Low Hiking Shoes

Yet another hiking shoe that works well on a disc golf course. 

The insole of the shoe stands for providing comfort. 

Designed to give the right feel to fit securely on your feet. Also something to admire is the midsole which adds more cushioning and steadiness. What is also impressive about the Oboz Sawtooth II Low Hiking Shoes, is its upper design. 

This shoe was totally created with durability and sturdiness in mind. It has been created with abrasion-resistant textile and superior leather. These qualities ensure that the shoe lasts longer regardless of the difficult conditions set on the disc golf course. We are poised enough to say that this shoe can endure any kind of punishment when playing on the field.

Fila Midland Trail Running Shoes

Fila has been a popular brand where basketball shoes have been concerned. In the case of these Fila Midland Trail running shoes, they are extremely comfortable for your disc golfing adventures. 

The midsole provides a relaxed and a snug fit on both of the player’s feet. It also provides the best feeling of sturdiness to the underfoot, while the padded foot bed gives way to additional comfort. Oh! and something else, the rubberized outsole gives additional ruggedness and durability to the general foundation of the shoe. 

This is said to be the most remarkable part of the shoe as its strength is well designed, providing traction and grip. These running shoes are jam-packed with grip, even on sudden downhill surfaces, making it absolutely flawless for mountainous or rocky golf courses. 

The main opinion about these shoes is that they are first-rate walking shoes which are ideal for disc golf. This has been noticed especially when worn and used on dry courses where long-lasting and sturdy shoes are the order of the day.

The contrast stitching design is a big hit. This together with the fabric mesh that enhances the overall appearance of the shoe. Showing beautifully crafted shoes was Fila’s trademark during its popularity in the basketball industry. 

Adding to its solid design, the leather and mesh upper added robustness to the disc golf player. This is a shoe which offers a great fit while also providing safety to both feet when used on the disc golf course.


Besides having the right disc golf clothes and refining your skill sets, a disc golfer also requires the greatest disc golf shoes. 

This can provide you with more than a few benefits when you are at ease with your footwear. You will be filled with a sense of confidence when moving around the course and play disc golf as best as you can. 

We can say that a disc golf shoe will play an essential role in the performance and the overall result of every disc golfer. Picking out the most suitable disc golf shoe is vital before you head out and start throwing the disc.

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