Can you wear golf shoes on concrete

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Whether you have been playing golf for years or just starting out, you’ve probably put in some thought to your golf shoes.

One of these burning questions is if you can wear your golf shoes casually or on concrete. In case this is something that has been racking your brain, we have all the answers that you may need.

Key TakeAways

  • Golf shoes are special shoes intended to improve your balance and stability on the golf course.
  • You can wear golf shoes casually, spikeless golf shoes are ideal for wearing them off the golf course.
  • Wearing golf shoes on concrete is allowed, but not necessarily recommended.
Wearing Golf Shoes On Concrete Is Not A Solid Idea

The Role of Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are unique shoes intended to help you have healthier stability on the golf course. When you wear the right pair of golf shoes, you will experience a whole bunch of benefits including: 

  • Swinging more relaxed, 
  • Conveniently walk around the course 
  • Have more energy at the end of the round than you would wearing other types of shoes.

The Two Types of Golf Shoes 

There are two types of golf shoes you can choose to play your game, they are spiked golf shoes and spikeless golf shoes

The designs of casual golf shoes are continuously advancing as golfing labels are revolutionizing and unveiling fresh products. The top casual golf shoes have characteristically trendy highlights while offering relaxation both on and off the golf course.

Wearing Golf Shoes Casually

The most worn golf shoes away from the course are those in the spikeless range. Sporting spiked golf shoes may not look as good and might not be as comfortable as they would be on the green. Spiked golf shoes are ideally intended for walking around on the grass.

Generally, spiked golf shoes are regarded as being more helpful for playing the game. They are particularly handy when the conditions are damp, or the ground is slippery. Even though spiked shoes will have the most grip, the most spikeless shoes are multipurposed.

Wearing Golf Shoes on Concrete

So can you actually wear your golf shoes on concrete? Yes, but they will deteriorate a lot faster. Basically, the soles of golf shoes are created from a rubber fabric that has a particular arrangement set up. The reason for this is to help improve grip and allow improved mobility on the course. 

When walking around on the concrete in your golf shoes, the compression of your weight mixed with the rough concrete surface will gradually damage the soles of your shoes.

So yes, wearing golf shoes on concrete is permissible but not advisable. You will only end up damaging the soles quicker than you think. 


With any luck, you now know that wearing your golf shoes on concrete is just not a good idea. Golf shoes are created to boost your game on the course.

Seeing that very specific fabrics are used to increase performance in the grass, you can’t expect to get the same quality when wearing out your golf shoes on such a harsh surface. By looking after your golf shoes and only wearing them only where suitable, you will increase their longevity.

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