Can You Drive in Golf Shoes

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Fun fact, your golf shoes are designed to meet the standards of the course terrain. They aren’t designed for driving other than a golf cart. You may be in a situation for driving in your golf shoes is the only option.

In this short and informative piece, you can find a few pointers about driving in golf shoes.

Key Takeaways

  • Driving in golf shoes is possible but not ideal due to their design.
  • Opt for spikeless golf shoes with flat soles for better pedal feel and grip.
  • Recommended spikeless golf shoe brands include ECCO and Footjoy
  • Prioritize comfort and safety when choosing footwear for driving.
Can You Drive In Golf Shoes

Why It’s Not Recommended to drive in Golf shoes

The vast majority of driving ranges do not have a requirement for proper golf shoes but its a different story when you go to the golf course. Driving in your golf shoes should be avoided as much as possible. If you don’t believe us here’s why. 

Not Made for Driving

Golf shoes are supposed to be used on the golf course or on your driving range- but you probably know that. This is where their traction and stability are put to the test. To get the best results, golf shoes are fitted with specialized outsoles with cleats, spikes, or both. These features are intended to help you grip remain stable during your golf swing. Even though they shine on the course, golf shoes are not intended for driving. That is a different “ball game” altogether.

Limited Flexibility 

Golf shoes tend to have stiffer soles than your regular shoes or sneakers. Because of this stiffness, you will probably find it difficult to operate the car pedals. The limited flexibility will limit your ability to perform driving activities. You won’t be able to apply gentle pressure to the brakes, accelerator, and clutch. Wearing golf shoes will lead to a driving experience that won’t be as smooth and controlled.

Pedal Feel and Sensitivity

As you drive, your feet need to be in control of your car pedals. You must be able to adjust your speed and have total control of your vehicle. Golf shoes can lessen the physical feedback you receive from the pedals. You obviously want to feel the pedals beneath your feet and not guess how much pressure you need to apply.

Problems with Comfort and Safety

The best way to enjoy your golf shoes is by using them for short walks on a golf course. Not all models are fitted with enough comfort for long walks or driving. When your golf shoes make you feel uncomfortable, you may feel distracted or tired while on the road. If this is how your golf shoes make you feel while driving then it’s best not to risk it.

Tips For Driving In Golf Shoes

Don’t say that we didn’t warn you. If you insist on wearing golf shoes while driving, here are some tips to help you. 

Safety First

When it comes to driving, you should be as safe and alert as possible. Here you will need to do more than ensuring a clear and unobstructed view. Your priority is to check whether your golf shoes are suitable for driving. If you can’t have guaranteed control of your pedals, you shouldn’t be driving. 

Casual Golf Shoes Will Do

You definitely have a pair of comfortable sneakers in your closet. Take them along with you. You should rather wear these into before getting behind the wheel. You will have a better chance of getting to and from the golf course wearing these.

Use Spikeless Golf Shoes

If you still insist on wearing golf shoes while driving, then spikeless is the way to go. These shoes have a flatter and rubberized sole, providing better comfort and feel over the pedals when driving. 

Recommended Golf Shoes to Drive In

Driving in golf shoes isn’t recommended. However, we have found three of the safest golf shoe models you can drive in next time you visit your golf store.

ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-Tex Golf Shoe

ECCO is known for its quality golf shoes. The Biom Hybrid 3 is no exception. It offers excellent comfort and stability both on the golf course and while driving. The shoe is fitted with technology that imitates the usual movement of your foot. This makes it easier, and more natural, for you to operate the car pedals. 

FootJoy Men’s Superlites XP Golf Shoes

FootJoy’s Superlites XP is a lightweight and spikeless option that provides excellent traction and comfort when driving. The insole of these golf shoes is typically cushioned for added comfort. It features breathable which helps your feet stay cool and comfortable when driving on hot days. 

Skechers Go Golf Drive 4 Golf Shoe

Skechers’ Go Golf Drive 4 features a Goga Max insole for cushioning and support. It also has a useful design that can help with safer driving. They are extremely lightweight, so it is mindful of your body both on the course and on the road.


Try your best to avoid driving in golf shoes. Your golf shoes are designed to give you grip and stability on the golf course. These special designs will affect the pedal feel and comfort. If you do want to drive around in your golf shoes, wearing spikeless golf shoes would be your safest bet.

Remember to take a pair of casual sneakers with you in change you change your mind. Most of all practice safe driving at all times.

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