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You’ve just bought a brand spanking new pair of golf shoes and are probably eager to hit the course. The only problem is that new shoes come with the unpleasant experience of forming blisters on your feet if not broken in properly. In this handy guide we look at the easiest way you can break into those new golfing shoes.

Key Takeaways

  • Loosen your shoe lases in the beginning
  • Wearing thick socks can help break in your golf shoes
  • Don’t wear your new golf shoes too much
How To Break In New Golf Shoes

Loose Laces

We aren’t saying that you should wear your shoes in a way that risks them falling off your foot. Simply tie the laces carefully in the beginning. If your laces are too tight, you’ll put stress on the shoe. Excessively tight laces will cause your shoes to stretch out faster and deteriorate much faster.

Wear Thick Socks

Wearing new golf shoes with thick socks will save your feet from blisters while walking on the green. When you wear thick socks, you will stretch your new shoe out while providing some breathing room for your feet and lessen the ache.

Should you find it a bit difficult to fit thick socks into your shoes, untie the laces gradually at first. Still not getting your foot in properly? you can wear normal everyday socks and add extra fabric near your heel. 

Limit Your Wearing Time

You might be excited to wear you fresh new kicks on the course, it’s probably best to keep them off the green at first. Wearing new golf shoes immediately on the course could damage your feet.

As an alternative, think about taking short walks at a park until your shoes feel more comfortable. As a rule, you should take off your shoes as soon as they start to hurt your feet. If you walk in your golf shoes for shortened periods, let’s say two hours every day for a week, your shoes will soften quickly. Doing this every day will also let your feet get used to your shoes without suffering any damage.

Bring Other Shoes to The Course

When you do feel that your new golf shoes are ready to meet the golf course, you should consider taking along another pair. 

Remember that you’ve just broken into these shoes, so always pack an extra pair as a precaution. You don’t want to walk around brooding on the golf course with your feet feeling strained. With any luck, you  might not need the backup pair, but it’s best to be safe than sorry.


Take things slow with yourself and your new shoes. This is important when you want to break them in correctly. When you have broken them in and feel comfortable wearing your new shoes, there are two things you need to remember: 

Clean them thoroughly every other time you go golfing to reduce damage. Also, keep them in a room with little humidity. Keeping your shoes dry when they’re not in use will keep them from deteriorating. If you take the time to care for and protect your shoes, they’re sure to last a long time in the future.

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