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Just about every person who has gone beyond the intermediate phase of golf or plays golf a minimum of a few times a year has gotten their hands on a pair of golf shoes – sometimes more than just one. However, a fundamentally important question remains for quite a few golf player; are golf shoes really needed to play golf? 

The most basic answer to this gruelling question is “no” in a lot of cases. On the other hand there are golf courses that do make playing easier when wearing golf shoes. Even at the majority of courses that don’t need you to wear golf shoes, it has been the opinion of many players that wearing golf shoes will help you play better golf.

Are Golf Shoes Necessary

Only Some Courses Require Golf Shoes

It is unheard of within the broader spectrum of golf courses that wearing golf-specific shoes is a prerequisite by the course. But, this is not the case at more prestigious golf courses such as private clubs, luxury resorts and so on. At these establishments there will usually be a golf-shoes-required policy, or at least the prohibition of playing golf on another type of footwear.

In the event that you are set to play at a golf course that you’ve never been to previously, it’s a highly recommended idea to have a look at the course’s website or directly get in contact with them and inquire about their shoe policy. 

This is suggested especially if you don’t own a pair of golf shoes. Also remember that at a few golf courses, golf shoe rentals are most likely to be available for players who don’t own a pair. This is found mostly at the most renowned courses.

Golf Shoes Improve Your Game

Now that we have discovered that golf shoes are definitely recommended but not a necessity, how about we look at how wearing golf shoes can improve your game?

Yes we know that you smack a few balls on the golf course wearing tennis shoes, running shoes, trainers, or any shoes you wish. This comes with the condition that they do not damage the green and are obviously allowed by the golf course. Some courses will even allow you to play barefoot.

Getting back to our original point. What makes wearing golf shoes such a fantastic idea, is the fact that they are designed to prevent your feet from slipping as you swing the golf club. 

This essentially means that a well-fitted pair of golf shoes will be able to keep your feet from slipping around from the inside of the shoe. Also, a decent pair of golf shoes will not slide out from beneath you as you make a swing.

The typical golf swing places downward, lateral and rotational pressure on your feet. For this reason having golf shoes that are intended to handle those aspects while holding your feet steadily in place, is a massive bonus. 

Driving a swing where one ,if not both, of your feet slip and slide, is likely to be a swing that you can bet will make for a terrible shot in your game. We all know that beginner golfers endure enough of these as it stands.

Advancements in Golf Shoe Designs

So you may be one of those people who might have a bad impression of golf shoes, particularly how they look and feel. 

Manufacturers have upgraded and Improved this on a larger scale ,and subsequently come a long way in improving the style over the past couple of years. Players can still find those “old school” golf shoes, those black and white wingtips, leather and tassels.   

Then again contemporary golf shoes are now available in a whole lot of styles and colors. Many of these are unique from other athletic shoes – some come in sort of a “street style,” moccasin or even sandal styles- while there have been a whole lot more selections available aimed at women golfers, as well.

In terms of the level of golf shoes, there has also been much higher standard than there used to be. 

Another thing to consider is that there are multiple diverse pricing ranges for golf shoes. This includes noticeably cheap golf shoes. Should you be an intermediate or completely new cold player, spending some money on a pair of new golf shoes is a well thought out idea.

Just to get some perspective on the various prices and styles on offer, try spending some time going through the biggest selection of offerings from online golf retailers and sports shops. You can even try other online outlets that sell a bunch of miscellaneous items. 

In case you are not sure that you will play golf for a prolonged period of time, then to completely avoid buying golf shoes altogether -or opt for a cheap pair in the beginning at least- is not a wasted idea.

Don’t Have Any Golf Shoes? You Can Still Play

Perhaps you’re thinking “what if I don’t own a pair of golf shoes, and don’t want to spend the money for them?”. Don’t worry.

You will still be able to play golf, even though you run the risk of slipping and sliding more often than you would have when you did perhaps invest in a pair of golf shoes. 

Should you be worried of having more awkward moments of falling down than teeing off, have a look in your closet and snatch out the pair of shoes that has the most steadiest soles. 

Rubber soles with many ridges and textures are the closest to having actual golf shoes.

Alternatively, we again suggest checking with the golf if they offer rental golf shoes.


What are the differences between spikes and spikeless shoes?

Many new golfers may be unaware that you can choose between spiked or spikeless golf shoes. Given modern technology and thermoplastic urethane fabrics, a lot of golfers prefer spikeless outsoles that are designed to have a lot of grip on the surface. 

Another pro when playing in spikeless shoes, is that they are extremely comfortable to wear both on and off the green. You can play as many games as you like, simply clean the shoes ,and wear them as you go into the clubhouse . 

However, professional golf players are likely to own multiple pairs of shoes. These players tend to have both spikeless and spiked golf shoes, but choosing which ones to play in relies on the conditions of the course and weather conditions. Spiked shoes are a superior option choice for a rough or wet course, whereas spikeless golf shoes are comfortable when you’re walking in dry conditions.

Considering that the technological advancements have become so good, spikeless shoe sales have skyrocketed. 

In comparison, tour players lean towards spikeless shoes, buyers are left undecided. 

What has been interesting though, is the increased demand for spikeless shoes when it comes to women golfers, with an upsurge as high as 80% in sales.

How often do you need to buy golf shoes?

Modern day  golf shoes are so well designed that they tend to last quite a long time. In case you play as little as once or twice a week you can probably go through a few seasons, maybe a lot more, with a single pair of golf shoes. 

Then again should you own multiple pairs, it would be wise to alter between them in an attempt to keep them lasting longer. 

Taking good care of your golf shoes by cleaning and maintaining them regularly  can aid in preserving their longevity.

All-in-all it boils down on how much of a  serious golf player you are. 

A lot of golfers buy a new pair each year for both performance and fashion purposes. 

Always remember that golf shoes are not just equipment, they are also apparel, a crucial piece of how you look. 

So even if you are not a fantastic golf player, you can at least look the part with some comfortable and stylish golf shoes.

Oh! Did you know that many golf players are keen to display multiple colors that go well with multiple outfits?

Socks are just about as important as the shoes

A little off topic but the kind of socks you wear can impact how well your golf shoe fits, in addition to how well it performs. 

Pitfalls normally arise from wearing socks that are either too thin or too thick. Socks that are too thin will most likely slide inside the shoe, resulting in blisters and hotspots on your feet.

When wearing socks that are too thick and the golf  shoe will be tight and your feet will get sweaty – once again risking blisters and hotspots. If you can, wear an athletic sock which is breathable and fitted with light cushioning. 


All things considered, it is evident that playing with or without golf shoes has its pros and cons. When choosing to play with golf shoes try playing with multiple types of shoes, across many golf terrains, conditions, and approaches. As with most things in life, it is important that you identify your personal preference. 

If you are still left scratching your head about the sort of shoes that you would like to buy, we would highly suggest that you start by renting them out in the beginning. 

Doing this you will have the choice of what fits best to your playing style. You will also discover what your local golf course prefers to have on their greens, and in the event that you don’t play often, this will help you avoid wasting a lot of money.

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