Best Women’s Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

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For many enthusiastic golfers one of the best investments which can govern your triumph on the course, is the quality of their golf shoes. 

We take a  look at some of the best ladies golf shoes that can give stability and more importantly, the most recommended golf shoe which is suited for female players who have wide feet. Taking this into consideration can be just as crucial as purchasing an ideal golf club.

Best Womens Golf Shoes For Wide Feet

Before Buying a Pair of Golf Shoes

Just as every golf player has a diverse way of swinging, approaching, and strong point in their golf play, the size of every player’s shoe is likewise exceptional and one of a kind.

Despite the fact that the first question that comes into your mind is “what size golf shoes should I buy?” When you’re thinking about a new pair, there are a great deal you have to first take into account.

Finding the best golf shoes for wide feet is by no means a simple task.  As an example, golf shoes purposely made for those with wide feet possibly will have similar lengths.It is imperative to become familiar with what the top golf shoes for dependability and balance are.

Hang on, before you head on over to a pro shop, you have to make certain that your feet size are in fact considered too wide. This will make deciding on which golf shoe is the best for wide feet a much easier process. (1)

Measuring Your Feet

While it is tempting for you to measure your feet on your own to find the best measurements,It is best to approach a high-quality and professional shoe store. You will find that they are fitted out with the correct tools to accurately determine which size golf shoes you should buy.

In the event that you don’t essentially have the convenience of going to a professional, you could possibly use the following steps:

Tracing Your Foot

Place a clean sheet of paper on a flat surface in order to trace your feet. 

Another tip is to wear the socks that you desire to wear your golf shoes with. This can be beneficial in finding what the top golf shoes are for wide feet that would match you.

Following that, step onto the paper and make sure that your entire weight is positioned on one area so that you will be able to obtain the correct measurements of your feet.

So, you will be able to decide what are the best golf shoes for broad feet that are most suitable for you without difficulty.You could ask a friend or family member to trace down the outline of your feet just in case you don’t feel confident to do it yourself.

Measuring the Length of Your Trace

Get your hands on your own measuring tape and start by measuring down the shape of your feet sketches beginning with the back of your heel all along the way to your lengthiest toe. In order to ensure that you get the most precise measurement, it is mostly advised that you sketch your feet no less than five times.

Measuring the Width of Your Feet

Using the same measuring tape, you could wrap it around your feet and make certain to measure the broadest portion of your foot- this is usually found just a bit further down from your toes. Again, it is very important to put your entire weight on the base of your foot. This will make it a lot easier to ensure that you are able to get the greatest capacity.

Golf Shoe Features for Wide Feet

As soon as you have confirmed that without a doubt you have wide feet, you should still have to think about a number of other aspects. These include what the best golf shoes are for stability when picking out the finest golf shoes for wide feet. (2)

Ease of Use

Regardless of whether you are out on the green, at the clubhouse or driving in a cart, you still need to keep your feet at ease. This has to be an important feature in making an allowance for what size golf shoes you should buy.

Waterproof Shoes

Keeping your feet dry during your play is an essential component when choosing a shoe. In rainy or damp conditions, wearing a pair of waterproof golf shoes can help you play comfortably without any irritation on your feet.  The good news is that a lot of brands that manufacture wide waterproof golf shoes use different provisions and features to give an improved golfing experience when it’s wet on the green.


As a final point golf shoes are an important asset to your golfing, particularly when setting your sights on what the best golf shoes for wide feet are. Your shoes will need to be durable, especially if you intend to play several times a week. Look out for a solid pair that has extra features in ensuring longer lasting strength in the shoe.

So, What Are the Best Golf Shoes for Women With Wide Feet 

Finally, we get to the main subject of this entire discussion, choosing some recommended shoes for ladies blessed with wide feet.

The most important emphasis when women choose a shoe for their wide feet is not simply just to get the looks but also a cozy fit and having enough room for the toe areas without any problem.

Below are just a few of the top suggestions we have found for you. These selected shoes are said to be the best golf shoes with regards to stability for your wide feet. 

Adidas Women’s Tech Golf Shoe 

These Adidas Women’s Tech Golf Shoes are man-made. It features a Synthetic sole and comes with a lace closure in addition to a Microfiber leather upper with its frivolous textile saddle.

One of the most noticeable things about these golf shoes is the Lightweight Cloudfoam sock liner which is complimented with six-spike Thintech.The long-lasting Adiwear outsole and the Low-profile Thintech keeps your body closer to the playing surface. These women’s golf shoes are unbelievably breathable shoes as well.

New Balance Women’s Women’s NBGW1006 Golf Shoe 

This is one of the most renowned women’s golf shoes designed by New Balance.These shoes are for those ladies with wider feet who are all set to enter the golf course vigorously. You can also show off a bit of style and finesse combining your playing skill with a great sense of fashion.

The material is created from mesh; this gives the shoe more breathability to your feet which is just enough to keep you going on your game. 

Skechers Women’s Go Walk 2 Sugar Relaxed Fit 

You can ask any real golfer about the best golf shoes for flat and wide feet. Sketchers is one of the most reliable trademarks that can provide for both the aforementioned. 

The greater part of the shoe’s material is planned to fit comfortably and as a result it will effortlessly get the perfect shape of your feet.

These are spikeless golf shoes and the exterior designed sole makes for a natural foothold.

Footjoy’s Women’s Enjoy 

For an exceptionally great playing experience on your feet, you can choose these FootJoy golf shoes for women with 100% Textile makeup. 

Comfort along with grip is the specialty of these golf shoes. The reason for this is the tremendously light foam softening with molded rubber grip pull-outs. 

One thing we really like about this shoe is the upper seeing that it comes with a breathable mesh. This feature enhances flexibility of motion, which can drastically improve your putt as well as your aim. The addition of the mesh gives a lot of leeway to the visual attractiveness of the shoe.


And there you have it. That pretty much looks like some of the best women’s golfing shoes for wide feet.   

Remember that when you decide to go look for a pair, it would be best to provide you with the greatest amount of security, steadiness, and suppleness during the course of your game even if it happens that you have wide feet.

Your golf shoe is the groundwork of all of your performances. Do not ever take too lightly the amount of control you will have when you are comfortable. All things considered, your pair of golf shoes is a part of the bigger frame of things that controls the success of your golf game.

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