Vintage Golf Shoes

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There has been a drastic change in how golf shoes have been designed. From spiked to spikeless, golf shoes have morphed constantly through the years.

However, the classic vintage style has remained consistent for the most part. Today brands are offering exceptional, fashionable golf shoes for both men and women to look their best. 

Vintage Golf Shoes

Interesting Fact

Golf shoes are over 150 years old. In the beginning, they were a usual pair of shoes that were fitted with small nails that were pushed into the sole to increase grip. These shoes were said to be extremely uncomfortable. Players also injured themselves when the nail lifted into their foot. 

In 1891 the golfing world was blessed with the first golf where spikes were screwed in. There was a downside to this as everyone who used these shoes damaged the courses they had been playing on. Greenskeepers were up in arms and protested that these new spikes had damaged the greens they worked hard to maintain. Ultimately these shoes were banned by many courses. However, the general look and feel of these vintage shoes have been reinstated and remain a viable choice for its unique vintage design.

Qualities Of the Best Golf Shoes

Before I tell you about just some of the most recommended vintage shoes on the market, let’s do a thorough analysis on what makes a decent golf shoes. 

There are multiple aspects you should think about before buying a new pair of vintage golf shoes.


Choose a high-quality pair of vintage golf shoes that can last for many years. Be wary of discounted shoes, these aren’t always of the best quality, and you might just end up spending a lot more than you wanted to when repairing them. 


Think about whether a name matters to you. Famous and well-known golf brand are great, but there are golfers who are more focused on usability rather than a name.


Creating comfortable golf shoes has been the most significant improvement in recent years.

Various golfing shoes had previously been created to have a casual look instead of a sporty vibe. Likewise, golf shoes with vintage styles have made a comeback.


You obviously have an idea of how much you can afford. Pricing golf shoes differs so you might need to decide between quantity and quality. On average, golf shoes are valued between $80 and $250. On to the shoes.

Vintage Shoes For You

Below are some of the vintage golf shoes based on factors including style, breathability, waterproofing, grip and stability. 

FootJoy Men’s FJ Original

The FootJoy Men’s Fj Original classic golf shoes are intended to give players a relaxed and reactive feel on the green.

Constructed from synthetic materials, the Footjoy FJ originals are easy to clean and waterproof. 

So, you can have some peace of mind knowing that they will last for at least a year from when you bought them. 

Smartly fitted with EVA light cushioning to boost comfort and through in outstanding grip that lets you hit shots without slipping and sliding.

These vintage styled shoes are available in half and wide sizes. With that in mind, a good fit is possible when you decide to make a purchase.

Johnston & Murphy Men’s XC4 H2-Luxe Saddle Golf Shoe

Back in the day, golf shoes made by Johnston & Murphy were the first choice for vintage designs. The 2021 version of the shoe has a vintage but contemporary look. This is a perfect example of a modern golf shoe that is similar to a 1960s-era saddle shoe layout. New manufacturing has afforded the development of waterproofing, memory-foam cushioning and a lighter build than previous shoes.

Cole Haan Women’s Øriginal Grand Golf Shoe

The women’s version of the Cole Haan ØriginalGrand golf shoe features an exceptional vintage experience. With its stretchy and supportive padding, which is purposely shaped at the heel and tongue, you will experience quite a bit of relief from pressure. While this helps preventing your feet from getting sore, the multi-direction rubber traction pattern is added for maximum grip.

Duca Del Cosma Women’s Belleza Golf Shoe

The Belleza golf shoe from Duca Del Cosma features a perfect equilibrium between modern and old-school, with an extra element of assortment. 

The lace covering on the top of the shoe is exchangeable with 10 colors and patterns that you can get creative and play with. Moreover, these vintage shoes are made from Italian Nappa leather. This kind of leather has a famous reputation for its ability to be soft yet durable. Also, the glowing midsole adds a sporty and contemporary twist to the traditionally vintage styled watertight leather shoe.


Vintage may be old-fashioned, but it is making a comeback. You’ll have no trouble finding any style of shoe want these days. With a plethora of choices, the options are endless. But let’s be honest, you will find it a bit hard to beat the original vintage design. 

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