Best Insoles for Golf Shoes

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Best Insoles For Golf Shoes

Golfers have become more health conscious and have opted to walk the course, instead of wheeling around in a cart. Then again, all that walking has been shown to be rather challenging and deliver a few uncomfortable blows to your feet. Not to worry, there is a solution- golf shoe insoles.

Your Golf Shoes Need an Upgrade

Even though there have been many developments in the design of golf shoes, over the years, very little has been done to shape the spikes and soles of golf shoes. This is basically because of the disproportionate way a player’s feet move during a swing, and how they maneuver through the different terrain on a golf course.

There hasn’t been a lot of concrete evidence to support the claim that a specific golf shoe design can undoubtedly improve playing ability Your golf shoes are not responsible for improving your shot distance, accuracy, or any other golf shot outcomes. 

When you’re in the position to buy new golf shoes don’t just focus on the design. Play close attention to comfort and grip. 

Support isn’t always at the top of the list when golf shoes are made. Designers are mostly focused on getting these shoes to fit most golfers. If you want extra support on your feet that reduces slippage, it would be a good idea to add arch support insoles to your golf shoes.

How Golf Insoles Help Improve Your Game

There is a lot of proof out there that has shown that adding a pair of golf insoles can supercharge your game. Other than improving your playing performance with enhanced footwear and steadiness, insoles are great at guarding against injuries to your ankles while improving pronation. 

Insoles can help with better:


Insoles that have robust support improves your balance by connecting the bottom of your feet over a bigger area. This strengthens steadiness and balance while providing a more grounded feeling giving you lengthier drives.


Restricting pronation in your stance will help you aim better and accurately.  When you reduce your pronation, you will be able to play more. Want to know why? Its because fatigue is reduced while you walk. 


Like anything in life, playing golf needs to be a comfortable experience. You’re unlikely to pick up your gear again if your feet are in pain after playing. Arch support is therefore needed to ensure that your shoes are comfortable. 

This is the deciding factor between a good game and a bad one.  

Before chucking your golf shoes in the trash,  think about getting one of these insoles below. Besides, you have spent enough time, effort, and money to just give up.

Aline Golf Insolealine golf insole

When wearing the Aline Golf insoles you are sure to notice a difference in your stability as you perform your swings.  When it comes to the Aline Golf Insolealine golf insoles there are a few things that you will notice almost immediately. 

  • Improved Stability and Balance- Shots will be steady and on target 
  • Relaxed and Supportive –You will walk comfortably without experiencing any pain especially in the arch and heel.
  • Steady Alignment your stance will be more consistent, and your lower body will be well positioned.  The latter is a crucial aspect of a great swing, but many golfers overlook this part. 

TreadLabs Golf Ramble Insoles 

Tread Labs Ramble Insoles are comfortable, changeable, partially customizable insoles that give you enhanced steadiness for superior biomechanical support.

As stated in their website; “Whether you’re walking to work or playing the back nine, without enough support, your feet work harder than they have to. All that extra effort leaves you searching for a place to take a load off. Adding the firm, flexible support of Ramble insoles makes every shoe in your closet feel like your favorite slippers, but without the bunny ears.”

ProTalus Golf Insoles Protalus golf insole

There are three focus areas of the  ProTalus insoles; alignment, support and stability. These are the fundamentals needed to play your best on the golf course.  These insoles were intended to better your alignment and the stance of your legs, improving your posture in the process.  You see when you put a lot of focus on being stable your golf improves. Stability means a steady weight shift and better movement to deliver those mighty shots and keep your score low. 


As you start your voyage to find the best golf insoles, I hope you would look into the listed options.  There will be a whole bunch of different options for you to choose; your main aim should be to find insoles that give you more balance and improves your posture.

Your health comes first. So, think about how important it is to play golf comfortably while giving your feet the necessary support for those long 18 hole rounds.  

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