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Golf Shoe Bags

Golf shoes are an important part of any golf player’s journey- you cant play on the green wearing socks and a smile. You have to keep your golf shoes clean and protected to ensure they last you many years to come.  You might be travelling from course to course wearing your shoes instead of securing them in a golf shoe bag. 

Using Golf Shoe Bags 

When they aren’t on your feet and on the green, your golf shoes should be clean and safely kept when needed.  You can also bring your shoe bags along when you are on the road. That way you can rest assured that your golf shoes will be safe and undamaged during the trip. Getting your golf shoes out of a shoe bag isn’t difficult.

Golf shoe bags are typically designed with zipper functioning and enough space inside, so you will have a safe and secure way to remove your shoes. It doesn’t matter where you are going, golf shoe bags are a great way to prolong the life of your beloved golf shoes.

What To Look for In A Golf Shoe Bag

It happens that golfers have devoted themselves to one brand when it comes to apparel and accessories. Some may decide on a golf shoe bag that matches with their favorite golf bag. While there is nothing wrong with doing this, there are great unaffiliated companies who make outstanding golf bags. In other words they make more than just golf related items.

The most important elements when choosing a golf shoe bag includes things like; space, sturdiness, zip function, accessibility and adequate space. You can also modify your golf shoe bag to give it some personality and personal flair.  

Putting Golf Shoes in Your Golf Bag

You might be tempted to put your golf shoes in your carry bag, that’s a dumb idea to be honest. But you probably don’t want to carry two bags. Look, there’s a perfectly practical reason why carrying a second bag is a better idea- damage. 

Even though carrying a second bag might seem like effort, you will be able to prevent a lot of damage. Yep, you wont run the risk of damaging your accessories or the shoes themselves in the process. Also, your golf gear won’t crease or mark your pristine golf shoes.

Puma Golf Travel Gear

Our first featured bag is extremely versatile; it can fit in a little more than golf shoes. You can also pack away other items like rain gear and casual shoes. A golf shoe bag that has a little more than one purpose.

With its two-way zipper main pocket you can keep your shoes in a bulky opening while placing other items in the sports shoe bag. Ventilation in these golf shoe bags are made possible by small metal eyelets. This reduces wetness using a waterproof polyester fabric.

Stripe Shoe Carry Bag

If you are a little cash strapped, we have good news for you. The Stripe golf shoe bag is an inexpensive and practical carry bag, that is surely worth more than you will spend on it. 

Fitted with mesh airing strips on the shoe bag that gives the main shoe compartment room to breathe. Your shoes will stay dry thanks to the polyester material.  Using the side mesh airflow venting helps ventilate the shoes inside the bags, keeping them fresh and dry. 

You won’t have any trouble moving this bag around as it is fitted with a easy to carry handle. 

Ogio Golf Shoester

The Ogio Shoe Bags have a modest but extremely useful design. The inside of the bag is carbon based with the intention of absorbing unwelcome bacteria that causes pungent smells on your shoe bag. 

The Ogio Golf Shoester has a conveniently accessible opening at the top, so you can simply open it up and reach in. It’s a straightforward bag for when you’re on the go.When it comes to cleaning, this golf shoe bag needs very little effort. You can just get it back to its original shape by wiping it clean or even spray it down in case of heavier messes. 

In the end, these bags are intended for massive golf enthusiasts. It features a zippered pocket for small-scale items that you may need to store; like golf balls or tee pins. 

Nike Sport Golf Shoes Tote 

When it comes to sporting gear, Nike remains as one of the most recognized brands. Nike has remained a top-rated golf equipment manufacturer, and with this Sport Tote it is easy to see why. Crafted from tightly knitted polyester material to ensure a sturdy and tough product.

Mesh side panels on the shoe bag makes way for side ventilation to keep your shoes dry. It also features an inner divider to split your shoes from other items, while it’s grab & go handle makes for easy carrying. It’s a tough, easy to clean golf shoe bag where you can store other items as well.

Glove It Women’s Shoe Bags

We have found ladies and we are sure you’ll “glove it”.  Glove It’s golf shoe bags guards your footgear with a feminine touch. They have a variety of beautiful electric prints, to suite your personal style. 

You will be able to personalize your own look with other items include club covers and towels. Their wide selection of golf shoe bags provides protection, resilience, and a whole lot of style; all with the intent of keeping your shoes safe and dry.


Just like you would protect the rest of your golfing gear, you have to exercise the same caution when it comes to your golf shoes. They are an essential part of your game that makes all the difference in the end. 

With brands such as Ogio, Nike, and Stripe, you are open to a wide selection of golf bags. Make sure that when you bring your golf shoes to the course they are safely secured and ready for action.

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