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It’s a fact that people’s feet are found in all shapes and sizes, this is especially true for men.

For many years, men who have extra wide feet had to tolerate playing golf in shoes that eventually causes blisters.  Don’t worry guys, in this guide we will show you some of the best golf shoes men with extra wide feet can buy.

A Great Golf Shoe 

Before we tell you about the best golf shoes for men with extra wide feet, let’s look at what makes a decent golf shoe no matter the size.

Wide Rubber Soles

When you have wide rubber soles on you will have enough balance and stability in your swing. The soles must be lightweight enough for you to move around the course without exhausting your feet. Considering the width of your feet in this case, your foot base needs to be wide enough to remain balance and not throw your body from the swing. 

Modified Grips 

The jagged, slick, and damp conditions on a rainy day can wreak havock on your game. Modified grips and spikes, will let your shoes grip the surface, which will allow you to keep your balance on the irregular ground. 

Modified grips and spikes will help you have an improved stance when taking a swing. Some golf courses only allow spikeless shoes to prevent the damage on the course. One option would be to invest in detachable spikes just to be on the safe side when visiting these courses. 


One of the unique traits of golf shoes is that they have built-in stabilizers along the arches. This is intended for improved grip and balance.  The role of these stabilizers is to ensure that the player’s feet are not sliding around when taking a swing. Stabilizers help ensure that players strike the golf ball as intended. 

It is a common misconception that there isn’t a lot of movement in the feet when the player is up close to the ball. The reality is that the players feet are actually moving as a golfer adjusts their weight while making a swing.

Extra Padding

Walking for long hours along a big course can take a toll on your feet. That’s why you need a comfy shoe with extra padding. With enough padding in your shoes you will be able to walk long distances, enjoy the game and not suffer from blisters. 

Likewise, lightweight golf shoes that have extra padding will also help with shock absorption when hitting the ball in long drives. Extra padding will also prevent the balls of your feet to ache, which will keep you playing for longer. No pain just gain, now let’s look at some shoes for your extra wide feet. 

Fresh Foam LinksPro 

The Fresh Foam LinksPro men’s golf shoe launches the astonishing softness of Fresh Foam to your feet. You will be able to improve your golf game with added cushioning and an exoskeleton TPU outsole. The Fresh Foam LinksPro has the same feel as a running shoe on spikes. There is so much to be said about these shoes, that a summary had to be made to save page space.

  • Its upper design hugs your foot for a cozy, reassuring fit
  • The midsole cushioning provides extra soft comfort with no lacking in support.
  • They feature and Exoskeleton TPU outsole created to move with the normal movement of your foot.
  • You can find a bit of relief in the manufacturer’s 2-Year Waterproof warranty
  • Speaking of waterproof, its waterproof microfiber leather and performance mesh upper with thermoplastic polyurethane is guaranteed to keep your feet dry and uphold the shoe’s structural integrity.

FootJoy Men’s Stratos Golf Shoe

With an unmatched underfoot ride, added padding, enhanced grip and a delicate but steardy leather upper, FootJoy’s Stratos is an inventive footwear that is exclusively created for golf. 

Nappaluxe plush leather makes this shoe look immaculate and eye-catching. 

StratoFoam is an original golf specific foam compound that boosts comfort cand prevents fatigue. The FootJoy Stratos Waterproof FootJoy is guaranteed to be waterproof keeping your extra wide feet as dry as possible.

Skechers Men’s Max Fairway 3 Arch Fit Spikeless Golf Shoe Sneaker

With a lightweight synthetic upper The Skechers Go Golf Max 3 Fairway Arch Fit golf shoe will allow you to play 18 holes with ease. 

The Ultra Flight midsole provides extra light and reactive cushioning. Pressure is reduced with the arch fit design by allocating weight over a wider area. Importance features include:

  • Lightweight, breathable engineered mesh upper 
  • Podiatrist-certified arch support
  • Ultra-lightweight, responsive cushioning
  • Spikeless, tough rubber grip plate
  • A lightweight, sporty design


Even though these are just some of the most recommended shoes for extra wide feet, it is important to know that comfort is subjective. With extra wide shoes you have to try on as many shoes as you can to ensure a fit that is right for you. Also make a checklist of everything you should have in your golf shoes. Get your shoes, get out and golf.

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