Best Golf Shoes for Diabetics 

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If you are a diabetic golfer, you might hurt your feet without even knowing it. You might not notice that your shoes are pinching your feet or that there are objects, like stones, inside your golf shoe. The inability to be aware of this can be detrimental to your golfing experience and more importantly, your health. 

Best Golf Shoes For Diabetics

Dangers Of Diabetics in Golf

As a diabetic golfer, you run the risk of developing nerve damage and poor blood circulation in your feet.  Weakened circulation affects the healing of injuries on the feet. As a result, injuries heal slower which increases the risk of an infection occurring. Also, nerve damage can cause numbness in your feet, which will hamper your ability to feel any sensations like heat or cold and pain.

Characteristics of a Good Diabetic Golf Shoe

After reading the previous bit of concerning information, you might wonder if there is anything that you can do to protect your feet. You’re in luck, let’s look at what makes a great golf shoe for diabetics and then follow through with some options you can buy.

Choose A Closed-Toe Shoe. 

Firstly, you will need shoes that have a closed-toe and backing. It is important to secure your feet to prevent any injuries from your surroundings. Flip-flops are not an option as they will leave your feet exposed. Exposed feet run the risk of being scraped or bruised as they could hit directly into elements of your environment, like rocks and stray objects. 

Lightweight and Flexible Fabric

Leather shoes are perfect as they are perfectly durable, adaptable, and breathable. Choose shoes made from lightweight but flexible materials. Rubber shoes must be avoided, as they are not as breathable and holds in moisture which can cause infections. 

A Cushioned Sole

A decent shoe for diabetic players should have a thick shock-absorbing sole while absorbing pressure at the bottom of your feet. Avoid sneakers that don’t provide enough cushioning in the sole. Insufficient soles can cause abscesses and other sores.

Keep Your Heels Down

Elevated heel will make way for your weight to shift naturally to the front part of your foot. This will cause massive amounts of strain and tension on your lower foot and toes. Flat shoes will let your body weight shift evenly, reducing injuries to your toes.

Skechers Go Pro Golf Shoe

The Go Pro 2 from Skechers are shoes that are extremely comfortable and fitted with a nifty waterproof toe side, which eliminates the risk of infection from outside moisture. 

With interchangeable spikes on the bottom of the shoes and outstanding traction, you wont be slipping around. The Go Pro 2’s round lacing gives that extra support when you walk to flex with your foot. The laces themselves are threaded through a slit in the tongue to keep it in place.

Firm heel support and padding in the throat, means the shoe remains intact, while keeping your heel and Achilles unconstrained. 

Adidas Tour360 Boost Golf Shoe

Adidas has brought out theTour360 Boost which is more of old-fashioned looking shoe. Even though they are not as comfy and casual looking, they do have lots going for them if you are a diabetic golfer. 

These are first-rate shoes with exceptional features that adds more suppleness and comfort to your golfing. Let’s explain why. 

The section beneath the center of the shoe provides increased flexibility between the balls of your feet and the heel to improve arch support. On top of that section, you will find a 360 wrap around the middle of the foot. When this wrap is tightened, it gives added support to the middle of your foot.

These shoes also have extra special foam in the soles, designed to provide extra bounce and support. A stylish vintage looking shoe that does away with moisture out and dissolves sweat on the inside.

Ecco Biom Hybrid 2

Our last shoe is ideal for golfers with wide feet. Ecco has become well-known for their comfy golf shoes. The Biom model can be seen on many golfing pros on the fairway during important tour seasons. 

Created from yak leather, the Biom Hybrid 2 shoes are intended to be durable, light and breathable while also being water-resistant. Much like the Adidas tour 360 Boost, the rounded laces thread through a tongue slit for a stable fit. The Hybrid 2 also places a lot of emphasis on extra padding for comfort. 

The spikeless bottom is sturdy and you won’t have to worry that the studs will damage for a while.  These are spikeless shoes that are comfortable for walking for long periods on the course. With such a well thought out design they are guaranteed to be comfortable from the start and last you for many years to come. 


Suffering from diabetes is hard enough. When you find a pair of shoes that keeps your feet fresh and pain-free, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do some research earlier. Imagine finishing a round with no pain beneath your feet. 

Heck you might even be tempted to play a few more rounds. Just settling for any pair of golf shoes isn’t doing you any favors. Take care of yourself and enjoy the game.

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