Best Golf Shoes for Narrow Feet

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In case you have ever ended up buying the wrong golfing shoes that have been too wide for your feet, then you have most likely know that this can be a frustrating and disappointing experience. It is for this reason we have  compiled a selection of the finest golf shoes designed for narrow feet. 

We are confident that this feature will help you find the best pair that is sure to fit you well regardless of whether you are an enthusiastic male or female golfer.

Best Golf Shoes For Narrow Feet

Golf Shoes in General

Golf shoes can be found in both wide and narrow width. Golf shoes with a wide-width or wide toe box design are designed for golfers who have wide feet, in contrast narrow width or narrow toe box golf shoes have specifically created for golfers with more narrow footed.

When looking at golf shoes, there tends to be a great deal of designs on the market. 

So before choosing golf shoes, it is very important to have a close look at the width of your feet. Paying close attention to how wide your feet are, plays an important role in ensuring that you are purchasing the best suited  pair of shoes.

When opting for a pair of golf shoes you should consider quality, comfort, reliability, flexibility, durability and lightweight. (1)

How To Measure Golf Shoe Size

Measuring Your Feet

Are you aware that there are many golf players who are teeing off at the moment with the wrong fitted shoes? ,and this boils down the width of their feet. Golf players neglect at finding the appropriate sizes relevant to their feet. 

Apart from measuring your feet on paper, you can conveniently get the best measurements by using a Brannock foot measuring tool. 

This nifty device measures three fundamental features of the feet namely the length, width, and arch length.

Using the Brannock tool has been the usual method to measure shoe sizes for more than quite a number of decades.  

Should you decide to use this unique measuring tool, you have to take careful consideration of the heel-to-toe length and arch length. 

These two measurements are not the same, and it is best to use the larger of the two sizes to get the most appropriate and accurate fit. By doing this, you will be able to keep the ball of the foot in line with the flex point of the shoe, which is what the aim needs to be here.

Buying Golf Shoes

You might not know this but purchasing the wrong golf shoes happens a lot more than you might think. It happens that golfers simply visit a sports or golfing shop, guess what they need based on the shoes they wear every day and then leave. It only happens after they hit the golf green and have been playing a few rounds that they realize the shoes are not fitting as comfortably.

Think about this for a second. You will be venturing on the golf course in them for quite a few hours so you need to find a comfortable pair which will let you play your round of golf with ease. 

With the latest modern styles in golf shoes, you don’t have to look at those old mundane kinds of golf shoes from eons ago. Spoil your outfit with fresh and funky pairs that not only keep your feet comfy but would  also look fantastic on you. 

Lastly, consider how often you play golf. For those who enjoy a game once a week, it would be of paramount importance to own a comfortable pair of golf shoes. 

You should want the following in your golf shoes:

  • Traction
  • Stability
  • Waterproof
  • Grip

You might think that the golf shoes you have your eyes on will not help your swing but take the following in consideration. Your feet provide the foundation of your swing so you should consider a pair that will be comfortable, give you an appropriate fit and has the ability to repel water in wet conditions.

Now that we have looked at the importance of choosing the right shoes, let’s talk about some recommended golf shoes for narrow feet.

FootJoy Men’s Fj Flex Narrow Golf Shoes

Very popular with golf aficionados, Footjoy Flex features a convenient narrow fit. An extremely comfy sneaker style golf shoe that is a must have, with an attractive price tag.

These pairs are geared towards golf players who have narrow feet and a tight budget.  

Within these shoes you can find state-of-the-art golf shoes equipped with all the essentials needed for a peak performance. They feature sturdy support, elevated cushioning, and remarkable traction.

These narrow fitted golf shoes come in black, navy, and gray or white. Their lightweight make them breathable to ensure your feet feel fresh all through your game.

The Footjoy Flex are created for those who emphasize on comfort of sneakers but place reliance on grip. 

For those who battle finding snug footwear that provides sufficient support for the width of their feet, these would be perfect.

It features a versa-trax outsole which is carefully crafted with traction elements resulting in an outsole that can be worn on the green or for daily use. Packed with cushioning and stability that helps in getting through each swing easily.

FootJoy Men’s DryJoys Tour Style Narrow Golf Shoes

These shoes are the best choice for those who have narrow feet who refuse to compromise on style and comfort. These fine looking shoes come  with lace ups that give way for great support in addition to being extremely  comfortable. Allow your feet to breathe easier thanks to their innovative Stability PODS system that increases durability and enhances platform sturdiness.

The FJ’s are widely recommended for walking an entire golf course. Strikes will be easier with a broader insole, these golf shoes will guarantee that every step feels comfortable.

The short and long of it is that there will be more strikes than misses in these elegantly styled narrow golf shoes.

FootJoy Women Pro SL

A noticeable thing that is captivating about these shoes is that they are available in a wide selection of colors and you can even opt to design your own. In case you are looking for a pair of golf shoes that let you stand out from the crowd and provide a sense of personality, these are the shoes for you.

Another great feature of the Pro SL shoes is the ability to decide how narrow and wide you want them.

As far as functionality goes, they are a very comfortable pair of shoes.

Being lightweight and made from durable yet eased leather with a cushioned sole for extra support.

These shoes will fit wider at the toe but narrower at the heel and offer superior traction thanks to the outsole pods which will grip effortlessly to the ground.

As a final point, these shoes are waterproofed and able to withstand the heaviest rain conditions.

What’s more is that its waterproof feature is guaranteed for an entire year.

Adidas Code Chaos Women

Just like the previous bunch, the Adidas Code Chaos shoes are in fashionable colors and designs, all of which feature the classic Adidas three stripe design.

But far from just being easy on the eye, these shoes are ideal for women with narrow feet thanks to the improved fit.

They also have an innovative spineless design that is ideal for the golf course, offering excellent traction and superior comfort.

They have a Chaos Traxion and Twist Grip sole which allows the shoe to grip to the ground effortlessly, leaving you free to get on with your game.

The Adidas Code Chaos also boasts a textile upper mesh which is fully waterproof, making this an excellent choice for wet or unpredictable weather.

Where comfort is concerned, this is essential and this comfort is further enhanced thanks to the amazing cushioning inside the shoe.


It has become blatantly obvious that there are golf shoes that are better designed for wide feet, while others are narrow footed. As a golfing enthusiast, the onus lies with you to decide between the two. This can be done by measuring the width of your feet.

Should you find yourself having wide feet, a wide toe box shoe is the better option to gun for. On the other hand,  narrow toe box footwear would be best for players with narrower feet.

Given the developments of sporting footwear, there is a huge variety of golf shoes for narrow feet available at sports outlets and golfing suppliers. Provided that you are slender footed, these types of golfing shoes will be the best footwear for you. 

Here we have had a look at the best golf shoes for narrow feet and how to get the best fit. With this insight, there is no need to worry about fit, comfort, durability, and flexibility.

Just like having the best hats and putters, it is also essential to avoid playing golf in the wrong-sized shoes to ensure peak performance.

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