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In case you are a new golfer or you’re just one of those people who do not play as much, golf shoes could very well not make any sense. 

A lot of people are under the false idea that you won’t be able to play golf  without golf shoes. This could not be further from the truth.

While it is true that when you wear golf shoes they can help your game, however it is not entirely essential to have golf shoes as part of your entire outfit.

In this feature we take a peek at the most important factors to consider regarding a replacement for golf shoes. We also look at the different ways you can make them work for your game.

Alternative Golf Shoes

The Best Alternative to Golf Shoes 

The most likened and possible alternative to golf shoes is going has been said to be running shoes or sneakers.

The best approach here would be choosing a running shoe or a sneaker that has been fitted with a very solid grip. 

Also, by wearing these replacement shoes you are likely to notice that it helps you to maintain an improved sense of balance while making your golf swing.

An example of the perfect pair would be the sneakers that you would wear for a typical walk around the block. We highly discourage and certainly do not suggest the use of fashion sneakers.

In all likelihood, the more fashion-focused types of shoes used for everyday casual wear would have a more slippery bottom.

The bad thing about this, in case you didn’t know, is that they could slip. This does not only account for when you swing ,but it can also happen when you are walking on slippery grounds.

A lot of the time, golf courses tend to be often wet, and they also have hills or other uphill inclinations. Taking that into account, a shoe with a flat or slippery bottom will be an extremely unrealistic replacement for a golf shoe. 

Now that we have covered the most recommended alternative for golf shoes, let us take a look at some of the things you should and should not do when looking for a golf shoe alternative.

Things You Should Not Do

When you think about the things you should not do for replacing golf shoes alternatives, you have to think about what would be best for your feet, as well as what would work best on the golf course.

Choosing an alternative that feels comfortable is very important, on the other hand should that shoe have a sole which may cause damage on the golf green, you might need to go back to the drawing board.

As an example, a lot of people fancy shoes such as boots, street shoes, or sandals. These have soles that are not ideal for the turf or the course.

Golf shoe sandals might appear to be appropriate, however they have to be the specified sort of sandals that are permitted on the golf course.

Boots are not an option as they are too heavy for a golf course. Also boots can cause a bit of damage on the greens due to the weight of the boots and the solid grips on the bottom.

Another important thing when looking for the best types of alternatives to golf shoes, is not to wear shoes that are fitted with metal spikes on a golf course.

Generally shoes with metal spikes are not allowed on golf courses anymore because they cause a lot of damage.

Yes, we know that there are a few professional golfers who still wear metal spikes, but this is still permitted on the PGA Tour.

Professional golfers have continuously practiced how to carry themselves properly with the metal spikes in place.

Pay close attention next time as these players avoid dragging their feet on the course nor do they step too close to the hole.

To observe this among intermediate golfers had become too tiring, and as a result it was decided that only soft spikes and spikeless shoes would be allowed on the golf green.

Things You Should Do

The fundamentals for choosing a shoe which is a decent alternative for a golf shoe, should include finding something that has a solid rubber or plastic bottom.

Take a look at the sole of the shoe and be as certain as possible that it possibly seems like it has some decent grip.

In case the shoe has no grip, not only will your feet slip as you are swinging, but you are also running the risk of slipping and sliding on a wet course.This in turn could become a concern for your physical well being.

Another important aspect to be aware of with your golf shoes, is that you are aware what would be fitting for a golf course as far as the dress code or fashion is concerned.

There will be instances where a leather shoe is not likely to be suitable on the course, but a white or black sneaker would be an optimal choice.

The best would be to try and be as practical about what you would be wearing to play golf.

Get in contact with the management of the golf course before you go out playing and ask them what shoes they think would be appropriate for their course.

If it so happens they insist that you need a pair of golf shoes, then you may as well have a bit of shopping to do.

In all hopes, they could tell you that a basic pair of sneakers is going to work just fine.

Buying Golf Shoes

Just in case it is an absolute must that you have to buy a set of golf shoes for reasons you might not anticipate, then you should opt for something spikeless. These kinds of shoes are convenient for other occasions like going to the country house. That way you are not limited to wearing them just on the golf course. 

Some players don’t buy golf shoes because they don’t think that they are going to use them as often. However, when you buy a pair of spikeless shoes, you can wear them to dinner or any social occasion with friends and family, but more importantly  you can wear them at the golf course at any time.

Are Golf Shoes worth it?

Golf shoes are a standard most golfers will invest in after a while.

However, these shoes do come at an expense.

If you are wondering whether or not golf shoes are worth it, then you should seriously consider these things;

How Often Do You Play?

If you play once a week, golf shoes are probably a necessity.

However, if you only play golf two or three times per year, then you may not need them.

The more often you play, the more likely you are to need golf shoes.

In fact, if you play quite often, you may want to own more than one pair of golf shoes.

It’s a good idea to have shoes that are specific to walking the course on the days you walk.

Having a few types of golf shoes is not a bad idea. 

What is Your Swinging Speed?

The faster your swing speed, the more likely you are to need golf shoes.

The idea behind the spikes on the bottom of the golf shoes is to give you some extra grip and stability.

If you use these shoes properly, they can actually help you gain some extra swing speed.

By having decent grip on your feet you should be able to have more confidence in your swinging drive and ability to remain firm on your feet.

In case you have slower paced golfing swing, having shoes with spikes at the bottom might not have as much of an effect on your swing.

In this case you can wear sneakers that might not grip the ground quite as well.

How is Your Balance?

How is your balance? Are you a golfer who is always falling over after a swing? If you struggle with balance, then the golf shoes are going to help you. Choose something with a soft spike that has very good coverage on the bottom of the shoe.

Some golf shoes only have a few spikes, and others will have the entire bottom of the foot covered.

Staying balanced when you golf is only going to help you score lower and become a better player.

Balance is hard to obtain, and it’s a good idea to use a golf shoe to help you get more balance.

Type of Golf Course

You have to take careful consideration about the sort of golf course you will be playing on.

If you are playing on a golf course that has a lot of fairways, you may opt more towards golf shoes as opposed to a pair of sneakers.

The reason for this is that sneakers have a tendency to slip and slide on downhill turf if it is wet. Golf shoes reduce the risk of this happening.

All in all, when you take your golf playing seriously and intend on playing  the game on a long term basis, then investing in a pair of reliable golf shoes would be a better option.

Keep a sharp eye for any special sales on golf shoes and spend your money on a pair that is well within your price range.

There are a great range of golf shoes on the market that are affordable and ideal for a casual golfer.


When you have questions related to the kind of shoes you can wear at a golf course, you should get in touch with their management.

Engaging with them will provide you with the best information in terms of their general protocol. They will also let you know if they allow sneakers on their courses.

Also when looking for an alternative for golf shoes, try to determine the best type in order to avoid any problem. You want to avoid getting a course and find that your shoes are not going to be practical. This would result in you needing to buy a pair or go to another course.

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