Best Golf Shoes for Ankle Support

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If you ask any golfer who has endured a twisted ankle while golfing they’ll tell you it’s not fun. Here we are going to look at the causes of ankle pain, as well as some nifty ideas to prevent it.

We will then suggest a few golf shoes that can make your golfing a painless experience.

Best Golf Shoes For Ankle Support

Defining Ankle Pain

Ankle pain is an umbrella term in the medical field. This ranges from spraining your ankle joint, having a flat foot which is overpronated, to other severe cases like arthritis. 

Common reasons for ankle pain include: 

• Sprains

• Gout


• Nerve Damage such as sciatica

• Infections in your ankles

• Blocked blood vessels

Ideas To Help Stop Ankle Pain

Do not wear high heels, this will only increase the risk of hurting your ankles.

You should also avoid wearing flats for long periods of time. The main reason why wearing flat shoes is a big mistake, is because they usually don’t have any arch support. 

If you are suffering with flat feet, you will have a propensity to roll your feet inwards.

When you are faced with this problem, you must act immediately. A good start would be wearing a more controlled shoe that would give you more stability and a supportive arch.

What To Look For When Buying Ankle Support Golf Shoes

So, you’re obviously on the lookout for some shoes that will help you with ankle support. But the question remains, what should be considered when buying shoes for this purpose.

To put it briefly, below you’ll find the most typical yet important aspects, that you must look for when buying golf shoes for better ankle support.

  • The best ankle support golf shoes have a supportive heel counter- this is the first thing you should take into account. This part of the shoe should give you extra support when it reaches your ankle and heel. 
  • It is likely that wearing shoes with reinforced heel counters gives your ankles added support.
  • Suitable padding around the ankle
  • Insoles that are both soft and has insoles that supports the insoles 
  • Adaptable outsole

Now that you may have a better understanding of what to look for in a shoe, now to look at a few options.

FootJoy Men’s Traditions Golf Shoe

Our first pick for the best golf shoes for ankle support, stems from the same brand which is regarded as the go-to shoe brand for many golfers. There are more than a few reasons why the FootJoy Men’s Traditions Golf Shoe is perfect for ankle support. The benefits you will get from this shoe include:

  • An outsole that provides more than enough grip 
  • Extremely cozy on the inside
  • The refined style and design of these shoes will be appealing to many golfers
  • The addition of a superb pulsar spikes traction system means these ankle support golf shoes offer excellent value for money.
  • These shoes have also been effectively boosted with Footjoy technology. This makes them extremely comfortable in any kind of weather conditions. 
  • As final point, these golf shoes are also totally waterproof and have a robust character.

This is a golf shoe that does not only have an amazing traditional look, but it also provides exceptional comfort, cushioning, and excellent support.

Adidas Men’s Tour360 Xt Golf Shoe

Next, we have the Adidas Men’s Tour360 Xt Golf Shoes. These stylish shoes are spiked and gives the wearer a lot of grip, especially when performing intense swings. The latter being very import for ankle and arch support. 

Also the spikes can be changed, so you don’t have to worry about suffering any wear and tear along the way. Made from lightweight microfiber leather, they make walking and playing in it an absolute pleasure. 

A full-bodied midsole ensures that your feet have extra padding and holds impact when moving. Finally, the greater part of the shoe includes distinctive Climastorm technology. This is added to enhances the shoes’ air circulation, strength, and comfort. 

New Balance Golf Fresh Foam Links Shoe

An important part in shoes that have decent ankle support is having a quality sole and stable support features. That’s exactly what you’ll get from these New Balance Fresh Foam Links golf shoes.

Highlighting a rubber sole, and an extra wide shoe width for more room for wider feet. These shoes are made from leather, waterproof microfiber, and the upper from performance mesh. The shoe has been carefully created to move along with the physical movement of your feet. The advanced foamy midsole will make you feel like you feel like you’re walking on a cloud. 

Adidas Women’s Summervent Golf Shoes

Adidas Summervent are spineless, lace-up golf shoes designed with a rubber sole and a relaxed upper. With these strong materials the shoes will give you outstanding grip and comfort thanks to its superb cushioning. To prevent any discomfort to your ankles, the arch support and sole work in unison to increase grip and flexibility. All of this ruggedness is combined with a light outsole to decrease weight on your feet.

Ecco Women’s Soft Hydromax Golf Shoe

The Soft Hydromax women’s golf shoe is made with strong synthetic soles, making it a pleasure for ladies who suffer from ankle pain. They are manufactured from tumbled leather, and are sure to give you the best performance. Ecco’s Hydromax leather will guarantee that your feet are kept dry in the wettest playing conditions. 

The functional shape will give you the most support to your feet, while its 100 TPU traction bars gives as much as 800 traction angles for excellent control and strength.

You will also have more than enough cushioning because of the Ortholite inlay sole. This inlay sole is changeable and offers extra width and room.


A nice balance of qualities will be present in the ideal golf shoe that aids in reducing ankle pain and strain, whether playing on grass or sand, in dry or rainy circumstances.

Most essential, whether you are going across the course or shooting your shot, it will be comfy. While most golfers consider their shoes to aid in their swing, if you don’t account for the long walking distances, your game may suffer.

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