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Earlier this year, the renowned golf shoe manufacturer, Footjoy, unveiled their new Premiere Series of golf shoes. 

Footjoy designed this new series in partnership with several PGA Tour players. Their range is as inspired by the past, such as new past golfers with a modern design. 

According to Golf Monthly, Footjoy stated that they had been “influenced by the discerning taste of the modern golfer.” 

Each shoe collection in the Premiere series was made from a soft and flexible premium leather upper and extra lightweight materials. 

The FootJoy designers created a modern interpretation of classic golf shoe styles. The designers were also able to create a series of shoes 12% lighter than the well-known DryJoys Tour. 

FootJoy’s Premier Series also includes a women’s range for female golfers

Footjoy’s Premiere Series had a successful launch when it was seen as the top shoe at the Masters. 

The Premiere Series includes three new collections; the Flint, the Tarlow, and the Packard. The founders of FootJoy were the inspiration for these collections and each of the unique traits in each collection. 

The Packard collection is available in black and white. The founder of FootJoy, Frederick Packard, was the inspiration for this collection. Frederick Packard pushed for the use of many design and manufacturing innovations that are still seen today. 

The Packard Collection includes intricate detailing and pebble grain leather in the quarter and vamp. The manufacturers used a calfskin croc print accent for the saddle area, and a natural leather welt with contrast stitching was used to compliment this. 

Flint Golf Shoe Model 

Design of the Flint 

The Harvard graduate and passionate golfer Perley Flint inspired the look of the latest Flint golf shoe. During the 1920’s Perley Flint had also designed Footjoy’s first golf shoe. It has a classic and simple design. 

The manufacturer used ChromoSkin leather in the upper part of the shoe. The shoes also have embossed detailing on the saddle part of the shoe. 

The shoes also have an extra detail with extra piping details and an elaborate FJ ornament. The shoes are narrow around the toes as well.

There is a slight snag with the flint’s looks. The outsole looks like it sticks out from the shoe’s upper part. However, this might provide a safe resting spot for any golf course debris from grass, bits of mud, and sand. 

Is the Flint model comfortable? 

This new range of golf shoes might not look like the most comfortable of shoes, but Flint might change this. 

This comfort could result from the Ortholite EcoPlush FitBed that provides stability in the heel. There is also extra soft and customised underfoot cushioning. There’s a combination of softness and stiffness in the underfoot with the Flint. 

How well does Flint perform?

Performance might be the one area where Flint needs to improve. The shoe has the spikeless VersaTrax+ outsole that doesn’t offer as much comfort as one would expect. 

Each shoe in the Premiere Series has a new tread pattern that provides “anti-channelling and is engineered to provide grip for any lie.”

Simply put, several TPU compounds can grip any surface. It’s also made of extra hard TPU for grips on the course. There is also softer TPU to provide traction on harder surfaces.

There are two snags with these shoes. The first is that these shoes might be more slippery than one might expect, even with wet ground.

Tarlow golf shoe 

Look and design

In 1957, Bill and Dick Tarlow bought the business, and as a result, they became the inspiration for the Tarlow. This show has a modern take on the cap toe. It has natural grain leather in the quarter and vamp. There is also a croc print in the heel that complements the natural grain leather. 

Tarlow is available in both Navy and White colours. Any golfer wearing these shoes will catch any spectator’s eye. 

Is the Tarlow comfortable 

As the Flint, the Tarlow is much more comfortable than it looks, specifically in the heel. The interior is made from sheepskin linings that are flexible, soft, and luxurious. While being soft, the Tarlow is also firm enough to hug your foot in place during your game. 

The shoe is also fully rounded at the toe, and it has a standard forefoot. The instep is also a bit narrow at the heel, which provides classic looking profile. This shape leaves no aches and no rubbing or snags for foot comfort. 

How well does the Tarlow perform?

The Tarlow might be a better performer than the Flint. The Tarlow has the advantage of using low-profile pulsar cleats by Softspikes on the outsole. 

The Softspikes will help you feel low to the ground and locked into the soil. These Softspikes will especially be an advantage with your swing. 

The Tarlow also bests Flint when it comes to dealing with wet conditions. In some situations, you might find yourself looking for your ball in the wet rough, and you’ll find the Tarlow will be able to protect your feet. 

There is no leakage coming through the laces section with the Tarlow, and there is a one-year waterproof warranty. 

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