Do Golf Lessons Work?

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The gentleman’s sport, played by the likes of royalty and average folk alike. 

And what’s the one thing all players of golf have in common? 

We all want to be better golfers, but mostly we just don’t know how! 

Do Golf Lessons Work

Why are Golf Lessons Important? 

Surely in our modern world of youtube and blog posts, we can find everything we need to become a scratch golfer? 

This, unfortunately, is not necessarily the truth. 

While there is truly a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips on the internet (this article included), there is nothing quite like the personal touch of a professional golfing instructor to help you fine-tune your swing and assess where your strengths and weaknesses lie. 

As a beginner, golfing lessons offer you the opportunity to learn good habits and techniques from the very start of your golfing career. This will save you time, money, and frustrations later on in your golfing because the basics of your golfing techniques have already been covered. 

Once you progress into an Intermediate and advanced golfer, you will benefit from lessons that assist you in getting over plateaus by identifying and correcting any bad techniques or habits you have picked up while getting to this point. 

Lessons also teach you about the stamina and fitness you need to become a better golfer and are indispensable in strengthening your mental head-game for the sport. 

But, lessons will not work unless you let them. 

Going into golfing lessons believing you already know everything there is to know about golf will not help improve your game. Be willing to learn, be willing to put the effort and time in, and golfing lessons will certainly work for you. 

What will You Learn in Golf Lessons? 

What you learn in your golf lessons will largely depend on the areas of focus you discuss with your golf instructor. 

But, as a general rule of thumb, you can expect to learn and develop skills in;

  1. Finding and fixing your swing faults

While you may have spent hours at the driving range perfecting your swing, it is incredibly challenging to notice the minor adjustments that you need to make to increase the efficiency of each swing. 

Golfing instructors have a keen eye for the intricacies of a golfing swing and will quickly notice what help you need to improve your swing. 

  1. Better your general understanding of golf swings 

Golfing is a highly varied sport, with a literal encyclopedia of potential swing variations. And while your time at the driving range is very important for improving, it limits your golfing vocabulary. 

An experienced instructor with a large golfing swing vocabulary is your quickest way to up your swing knowledge. This makes you a more diverse course player, and that’s what it’s about, after all? 

  1. Develop your strengths and course strategy

Again, we’re talking about driving ranges. 

They’re a great place to work with your instructor to hone in on your golfing strengths. With this in mind, make sure you have lessons on the course so that your golfing instructor can teach you the theory of course strategy and how course strategy can better your game. 

  1. Hit the ball better

An experienced golf instructor understands how to read your ball flight, check your swing on a video and make recommendations to improve your swing best. 

  1. Understand the basics so that you are always getting better

You can’t build a golf course in a swamp, and in the same way, you can’t build a scratch golfer from a bad foundation.

The earlier you receive the correct training, the more linear your improvements will be!

How many lessons do I need? 

As a rule, one lesson will not be enough to see the full benefits of working with a golfing instruct wield. 

However, 5 lessons with a great golfing instructor will be so much more beneficial to you than 1 000 with a mediocre one. Often a bad golfing instructor will do more harm than good. 

It’s perfectly alright to shop around for the golfing instructor that works for your learning styles. Even if the instructor comes highly reviewed, they may not teach in a style that works for you. 

Go into your golf lessons knowing what you are looking for in an instructor, and be adamant in choosing an instructor who will help you achieve your goals. Golf lessons can be expensive and should be seen as an investment in your overall golfing career.

With all that in mind, practice makes perfect. 

Golf lessons will only get you so far, and even the world’s most elite instructor can only teach you so much. The rest is up to you. 

Your golfing instructor will teach you the “why” of the techniques you want to learn, but you need to make time in your own space to practice the “how” of the techniques you learn. 

A Parting Shot: 

You will see improvements in your golfing game if you take golf lessons, regardless of where you are in your golfing career. 

But, not all golfing lessons are created equal.  

It is most important that you find an instructor that works well for you. 

Once you’ve found that, you will see improvements in your swing, drive, and stamina, so long as you take the time to practice. 

As if you needed more incentive to spend time with your golf clubs! 

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