The Greatest Golf Swings of All Time

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If you are a beginner or seasoned golfer, there is nothing better than looking back at the best golf swings of our favorite pros. While each one of us does our best to perform the best golf swing ever, there are those who have done a pretty good job at amazing us with their swinging capabilities.

Best Golf Swings

Fred Couples

Fred Couples

Couples’ tempo is really astonishing. He can stay calm and collected in his swing and leave the rest of the work to the club. It may seem like he is only just swinging slightly, even though we know he is swinging quite hard.  

Couples makes use of quite a few positions to get his swing just right.  He normally uses an elevated swing by moving the club high. He also lifts his elbow and then locks it in before lowering the club hitting the ball off of the ground. His swing is powered by a lot of dexterity and grace. 

If we could pick the tempo of any golfing pro who has ever played the sport, Couples would be our first choice.  

Ben Hogan

Legendary Golfer Ben Hogan’s golf swing has been the most talked about golf swing for quite a few decades. Many attempts have been made to understand his unique technique. There are also a bunch of YouTube channels dedicated to thoroughly comprehend what Hogan was doing in his swing. 

During his career, he had an issue with hooking the ball. However, he was able to fix this issue by developing the go to fade shot using his driver. This has helped him land 9 majors and the number would have been much higher if it weren’t for certain unforeseen circumstances.

The late Hogan was a true inspiration to a multitude of golfers. This was due to his inspiring path to greatness coupled with the astonishing golf swing he had.

Hogan’s reluctance to share his golfing swing secrets, has led to many people studying this. To this day, the secret to Hogan’s swing remains a mystery.

Arnold Palmer

Here is a golfer who came up with his own swing.  Arnold Palmer had no interest in mimicking someone else’s swing.  He came up with his own swing and adjusted it as needed. It is not entirely known how he went about this, but some say that he loved to focus on the importance of the grip.  

Palmer focused on keeping his game simple and enjoyable.

Having this frame of mind is an attribute that all golfers can take advantage of.


Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

Probably the world’s most renowned golfer to date. Tiger’s forte lies in his iron swing. Here he has shown the skill to work the ball and alter the distance of his irons.  Some would say that his ability to swing well lays in the strength he has shown at the start of his career. 

During the height of his career he appeared to strike the ball with ease and perfectly control his distances. HIs capacity to strike the ball in any playing conditions is really amazing. 

As a whole, Tiger Woods has spent many years at the forefront in this sport.  Woods has also been very impressive when hitting iron shots and being able to birdie on many of the holes has made him a fantastic golfer to watch. Other swinging talents like his short game and putting has turned him into one of the best golfers of our time.

Rory McIlroy

Many golfers believe that Rory McIlroy’s swing is one of the best. His approach is both simple and effective despite his “grip it and rip it” attitude. At address, Mcllroy remains firm from the moment he starts his swing until he contactsmakes contact with the ball. 

Rory Mcinroy

His seemingly effortless approach leaves the impression that he will carry on to be one of the top golfers for many foreseeable years in the future. McIlroy is a firm believer that it is every so often the simplest swings that can show to be the most impactful.

Adam Scott


This Golfer from down under has certainly been admired for possessing one of the best swings in the sport.

From the time where he edged his name on to the golfing scene, Adam’s swing has continued to improve. 

Just as the swinging of other golfers mentioned, Scott’s appears just about uncomplicated but delivers a lot of energy. This has helped him get his hands on the Masters back in 2013 along with top-five finishes in all other Majors.


While it is nice to admire a good golf swing from your favorite pro, you should also continue to get the best golf swing that works for you.

Don’t feel disheartened if it doesn’t happen overnight. You will have to work hard on your game every day until you are comfortable and happy that you have the best golf swing ever. 

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