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Ladies, accomplishing a seamless golf swing is not some far off dream that you can’t achieve. You can find heaps of inspiration from the best professional female golfers to inspire you to get that perfect swing. Here we look at the most prolific women’s golfers around, as well as basic things you can do to better your swing.  

Best Female Golf Swing

Anne Van Dam

We start off with Anne van Dam. Her golf swing has been described by many as effortless and natural. 

At the moment, the Dutch player has been able to accomplish as many as seven wins within the professional rankings. 

Van Dam gives off the impression that the longer she finds herself within professional ranking, the more likely it is that she will grow into a massive champion with an ongoing winning streak. 

Obviously, just because a player is capable of performing great moves, doesn’t necessarily mean that she will fill up her trophy case very soon.  However, trophies are absolutely no comparison to what she has- an amazing and effortless golf swing. 

Countless professionals have worked their way up into the top ranks by building a cleverly calculated swing. These are golf strikes that hit certain spots, leaving players to stick to what they think should be happening. 

Then there is Van Dam. She believes in a loosened approach and letting the swing flow as she would expect. She doesn’t resort to forcing herself into a certain position but letting these happen naturally. 

Famous for creating a good amount of distance off the tee, van Dam has been placed at the top position many times on multiple tours

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Nelly Korda 

American Professional Nelly Korda first rose to fame when she achieved golfing success during the US Women’s Open in 2013. This rise to prominence all occurred a month before she turned 15-years old. 

Fast forward to 2015, her “silky smooth” swing secured her membership of the US Junior Solheim Cup team. 

During that time, she also won the respected Harter Hall Invitational in addition to being crowned a 2015 AJGA Rolex Junior All-American.

Through the course of her career Korda had taken home Olympic gold and so doing, the 23-year-old with a spick-and-span golf swing has become known as the face of American women’s golf.

Amy Yang

Korean golfing sensation Amy Yang has a golf swing to be reckoned with. With a flexible and fluid swing, she gets her birdies in groups and scores low when she is fired up on the course.

Although she was born in Korea, her parents immigrated to Australia at the age of 15 where she could advance her golf career. 

This move paid off and at the age of 16 she won the Australian and New Zealand Ladies Masters. She also became the youngest champion of the Ladies European Tour‌.

Yang has won twice on the LPGA and twice at the Ladies European Tour. 

Golf Swing Basics from The Best Golfers 

When you take some time to study the technique of these players there are a couple of golf swing basics which these ladies all follow. 

Focusing on these key points will help you better your own golf swing, and who knows? you could be on our next list of great female golfers pretty soon.

A Decent Grip 

At first, we noticed that they all hold the club properly. In other words, you should hold your club using the last three fingers of your left hand. While doing this the middle two fingers of your right hand need to overlap with your left index finger and right little finger. 

Connecting your hands together will allow them to function as a single component instead of separate individual hands. To make sure you are doing this properly you can practice by taking a coin and placing it between your left or right thumb and hand.  Hold the coin to ensure that your thumb is positioned straight next to your hand. The coin also needs to point toward your right shoulder. 

This purpose of the exercise is to check that your hands and palm are placed on the club properly. This provides you with better control to manoeuvre over your golf shots. 

Impactful Set Up 

Next up we have also noticed that these ladies put a lot of emphasis on their set up to ensure a great swing. displaying in their golf swing is that they focus on their set up. 

They look at the best pre-shot routine in order to get a sense of how to swing. This also gives them the opportunity to pay attention to the ball and position themselves as they need to. 

A good way for you to do this is to stand right behind the target and choose a spot about four inches in front of the ball on the target line. Put the club head right next to the ball with the purpose of aligning the face, allowing the ball to soar straight over the alignment spot. 

Now you should place your feet together in proportion to the grooves on the club face. Assuming a shoulder width stance from this position will have you aligned properly.

Shoulder Rotation Brings Power

These golfers use just enough shoulder rotation to create more energy from their swing. During their backwards swing, there isn’t much movement in their lower body. They do twist their upper body in a 90-degree rotation to the right. 

This makes room for a lot of flexibility within their chest. This can be released during their downswing to form shots with a lot of distance.

Position of Impact

The most important part of your golf swing is the position of impact. Many of the best female golfers establish a ‘power line’ down their left side at impact. This means that they put most of their weight on their left foot with their right heel lifted from the floor. This is done while rotating the right foot in the direction of the target. 

These girls have their hips rotated near the target as much as they can. They also keep their upper body corresponding to the target line. 

Also, they keep their left arm totally straight while their hands are facing their left thigh. This helps create a straight line from their left shoulder down to the left hand and then down to the club head just they strike the ball.

Balancing Finish 

As they finish their swing these skilled players show phenomenal balance with most of their weight on their rotated left side.  


Becoming as great as the aforementioned women’s golfers is not impossible.  If you spend just a little time working on some of these simple tips your golf could be directed towards greater success. 

More often than not in golf, it is the minor changes to your technique that allows you to reap the biggest benefits.  Being mindful of these techniques and tips will let you gain more power, swiftness, range and precision while helping you play a more steady game of golf.

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