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Adam Scott is a fit and good-looking pro golfer who has earned quite the reputation. He has a golf swing that is to be reckoned with, and crowds gather in masses to his seemingly endless ability. Here we will discuss this great golfer and how you can swing like the great Scott.

Adam Scott Swing Perfection

Who is Adam Scott

Born as Adam Derek Scott on 16 July 1980, he is a skilled golfer who has cemented his career by playing in mainly PGA tours. Some of Scott’s biggest accomplishments include being the world’s best rated golfer, as of May to August back in 2014. Scott has also been able to claim victory at as many as 31 professional tournaments globally.

He made history after winning the 2013 Masters Tournament. To date this has been the only masters won by an Australian.  

That Great Swing

Straight to the point, the best part of Adam Scott’s playing is his swing, and we mean it’s really good. His swing has been marbled after the likes of legendary Tiger Woods

Put his swing together with the blatantly obvious flair that Scott has, and it is not hard to see why he has been able to make a big name for himself.

He currently boasts numerous wins on both the PGA and European Tours with as many as 19 professional victories.

When asked about his golf swing on, Scott Emphasized on the importance of good rhythm. 

“Getting into the technique of the golf swing is incredibly difficult and time-consuming, and most people don’t get the time to practice at all, so thinking about opening or closing the clubface is a big process. It’s why I’ve always encouraged good rhythm,” he said

Scott maintained that each golfer needs to cultivate “their own rhythm,” and this should feel natural and easy to rehearse. 

How Can You Swing Like Scott?

So you want to try your luck at swinging like Adam Scott. One of the best ways to copy Adam Scott’s golf swing is to take the following into consideration when you’re practicing. 

Less Tension At Address
Despite his solid address, Scott has a habit of positioning his eyes and head a bit higher than he should. He tends to bring his eyes down late, this results in the softening and rounding of his spine. He does this to ensure less tension as well as an even start to his swing.

Move Your Arms First

He adds resistance to his body when he pulls his left arm away. This gives him exceptional width and rotating force. Many casual golfers do the opposite, and rotate their body from the start. Be like Scott and get the club as well as your arms moving first. After this you can start turning.

Bring Out The Big Muscles
Scott prepares his trunk and torso, which he uses to carry his arms to the top. Be mindful of your forward bend here. Losing it can be a small problem, but certainly something to keep your eyes on. 

The Changeover
He Flexes his knees and increases his forward bend while swinging down from the top. This is certainly something to mimic. Also, he keeps his arms almost straight down and active. Don’t keep your arms pinned to your chest, that can be a recipe for disaster.

Upright forces are at play here as you should spread out your left side. This “jolt” is energized by the energy he pushed into the ground from the previous step. He keeps his left foot firmly into the ground, making the most of the jump. 

In his final move, Scott rotates his chest further past the target line. Doing this will allow you to boost your ball speed and look cool doing it.

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The Down the Line Golf Sequence?

Another trick to focus on is the down the line golf sequence. 

This sequence means swinging the club straight through the middle of your stance. At the point of impact with the golf ball, your hands will go right through the strike, and ideally the ball will fly directly towards the projected target.

Scott has one of the purest and refined golf swings in the game.  It has also been said that his down the line swing is every so often flaunted as the perfect example of a golf swing that many golfers try and duplicate.


It is no secret that if you are looking for a role model to motivate the improvement of your golf swing, Adam Scott is the player to turn to. His techniques may take practice but can be done without much effort further down the line. 

When practicing your golf swings, ensure that you spend enough time perfecting the sequence and make it your usual swinging technique.

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