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Our mission is to provide you with accurate data, tools and resources for you to make smart decisions about improving your golf game.

With accurate data we look to provide complete answers to every golf related question. We make It easy digestible so that every reader leaves our site golf smarter.
Golf equipment is a procrastinators dream market place.

An array product giving you the same result. At Golf Gifted we simplify the jargon and create detailed golf product reviews that will make your buying decision stress free.

With multiple years of experience in golf industry and by joining forces with experts, professionals and researchers we provide you with a complete range of leading golf product reviews that you can rely on.

Get the best golf products that suit your skills level and golf game for maximum performance on the golf course.

Golf Gifted Origins

You can relate to the frustration when you are looking for something online and it’s one failed page after the other. Thus, Golf Gifted was born. To tackle all those questions no one seems to care to write about.

If you have some burning questions that no golf site has answered satisfactory, please reach out and let us know.

Our editorial team will be on it in a flash and help you out!


James Black Portrait

James Black

Editor & Writer

Started playing golf at age 15 and was hooked ever since. Playing alongside his grandpa who has hit 2 hole-in-one’s in his life, James love for the game grew more as he got older.

He now shares the journey of improving ones golf game with knowledge and learnings from thousands of hours on the course and with top trainers

Pieter Miller

Pieter Miller

Golf Writer

Pieter enjoys pushing the limits of what is possible on the golf course. Always testing out new gear and techniques to shave of a shot or two.

As a amateur golfer wanting to share the journey of improving ones golf he likes to share his knowledge and learnings from thousands of hours on the course and with top trainers.

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