Getting to Grips with Your 60-Degree Wedge

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We are most certain that you will find many diverse golf clubs in your golf bag. Yes, we know that you can use all of your clubs to hit the ball, however one of the most significant clubs is the 60-degree wedge. You are about to learn more about when to use this club and how it should be used during your game.

What Is A 60 Degree Wedge Used For

At What Point Do I Use the 60 Degree Wedge?

The best scenario for you to use your 60-degree wedge would be when you are chipping close to the green. The biggest factors you have to take into account when close to the green are 

  • How your ball lays 
  • the scenery sandwiched between the ball and pin 
  • the position of the hole on the green.


Should I Really Get A 60-Degree Wedge?

The obvious answer to this is an absolute yes. This club is so handy and should be in any serious-minded golfer’s playing kit. This can apply to novice straight to the average golfer and players with a low handicap.

We can list quite a few phenomenal reasons why you should have this lob wedge as part of your golfing arsenal. 

In the first place, it can be very useful when you need to add some loft and length. This is especially true in terrible lie conditions. Trust us when we say this happens quite a lot.  As another point, this wedge is more forgiving when you strike the ball harder. This lenient aspect of the club is a major plus for golfers who are not at ease with their ball striking capabilities or precision on the fairway.

You will be able to shoot without worrying about passing the ball beyond the green and landing into more bunkers or deep rough.

There is more room for error when you have 60 degrees of loft under your belt instead of just 56 or 58 degrees which are other common lob wedges used today.

Top Conditions to Use a 60 Degree Wedge

This useful club can be a tough club to get use to. Which is why lots of golf players are reluctant to carry one in their kit. 

On the bright side, there appear many instances on the golf course where a 60-degree wedge will come in handy.

The Player Needs To Hit the Ball Over a Tree

This is something that happens quite a bit with a golfer’s game, and it’s worth looking into. The best time that you can use this lob wedge is when you are required to make a very high shot. This is when you have to get the ball over a tree or some other obstacle that’s obstructing your swing. Be honest, this is something that you and many others won’t admit happens regularly. 

All golfers struggle with stubborn tee shots every now and then. These imprecise shots can every so often leave them in some awkward positions that are challenging to get out of. The answer to this problem is of course your 60-degree wedge. The useful club that can you get out of the fuss and out of harm’s way back on the fairway.

Being Stuck In Some Deep Rough Near the Green

It happens quite regularly that many golf courses are prone to have some nasty roughs. This can be seen even in and around the green. 

When you play in this kind of rough, it can be tricky to launch the ball out of there. It can be even riskier to get it back up on the green by using a normal pitching wedge.

Once again, your 60-degree wedge is likely to save the day. It features four-to-eight-degree bounce capability which will let you slice past the deep rough and get under the ball. Using this wedge will help you save par several times during a round.

Cushioning Your Cushion Shot

There are some courses that have greens that are ridiculously fast. If you ever set foot on these kinds of greens, it can be problematic to prevent your chipping shots from tossing off from the back of the green. Whenever you are stuck in this perilous position, consider chipping the shot with your 60-degree wedge.

How Far Should a 60-Degree Wedge Strike?

You have to hit your 60-degree wedge anywhere between 62 and 90 yards. The alterations between these distances, make room for more innovation on shot choices. It also helps with improved forbearance for calculating distance. Practice using this club and you have a handy multi-purpose lob wedge that will save you when you’re in a world of trouble. 

This wedge gives you adaptability, reliability, and a whole lot of stability.

How To Use Your 60-Degree Wedge Correctly

Make certain that your stance will give you enough room for an open hip rotation. You have to have enough space for your ball.

This will also help prevent hitting the ground before striking the ball and other problematic chipping scenarios. 

Pay attention to the pressure you place on your grip. It shouldn’t be very tight as you need to feel the weight of the club while holding it.

Gripping your wedge club is tremendously important. It is the link between you and the club, so pay attention to your grip while rehearsing your shots.

There are a number of problems when gripping your 60-degree wedge These can be avoided when:

  • Hold the club with firmly and folding your fingers in a so called “V shape”.
  • Placing both of your hands over one another. Check that they are positioned firmly around the grip.
  • You can avoid squeezing to tight by lifting one finger off of the grip. 
  • By folding your thumb over the back of your club, you will have more steadiness.
  • Don’t be tempted to copy someone else gripping technique. Your hands should be in a position that is comfortable for you.

Practice these simple methods before hitting the golf course. Build up some confidence when using the wedge, and don’t be afraid to ask a resident professional for some tips.  They should know the ins-and-outs of the entire course. 

Most Recommended 60-Degree Wedges That You Can Buy

Now that we have covered the nitty-gritty of how and when you should use this versatile wedge, let’s explore some of the most recommended 60 -Degree wedges on sale.

Callaway  Jaws Full Toe Wedge

One of the most valued brands in the realm of Golf. Gallaway has been a trusted golfing gear brandsince the early 80’s. They are well-known for crafting high quality and trusted clubs ever since. 

This brand has been endorsed by big names such as Jon Rahm, Phil Mickelson, and Xander Schauffele. If these great golfers trust the brand, so should you.

This useful wedge from Gallaway features grooves that spread over the raw face as much as possible. meaning contact anywhere on the face will have maximum spin. 

You might have guessed it in the name, but the clubface features their original Jaws grooves.  

These grooves are made of tiny ridges etched in level zones between the grooves.  

This will allow you to have extra contact points in order to spin the ball with every strike. The toe segment has also been prolonged vertically. The toe part of the club allows for an increase in face and grooves for the ball to which makes contact more convenient.

2020 Cobra Golf King Mim Black Wedge

This well-established brand has been around since 1973. Making them one of the biggest golf club traders in the industry. 

The 2020 Cobra Golf King Black Wedge 60-degree wedge boasts an attractive glossy black finish. 

Crafted from sturdy alloy steel, guarding it from any form of rust. 

Infused with Cobra’s Progressive Spin Technology, this wedge will add loads of flexibility to your short game.

What’s more is the club’s full-face ability to decrease vibration, making it popular among multiple golfers. 

Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Wedge

Any respectable player wants flawless precision in their club range. It would be even better if this comes at a great price. The Cleveland Golf CBX 60-degree wedge could be your best option. At an affordable price, its deep cavity design offers added forgiveness when at impact. 

Cleveland’s craftsmen have carefully created this club with a TPU insert that makes vibration non-existent. Other features like the sole grinds on the lob wedge allows for multiple shots. Also, the tour zip grooves provide extra stability for chips, pitches, and swings. The CBX2 Wedge is highly suggested for all its features, at a fraction of what you would usually expect to pay.


Now that you know the basics of using a 60-degree wedge, you should get to practice. Also, when you have a good idea of when to use a 60-degree wedge during your round, your handicap will be considerably lower.

Go out, have fun and take on those tricky shots armed with the new knowledge we have given you.

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